Trak trak trak.


Boom. *+5*

There goes one enemy. One bunch left.

Nothing much to add recently, tho got pretty good materials, and watched The PickUp Artist, and gonna finish downloading Summer Snow, and didn’t touch books.

Saturday going out with someone, like finally. 2 years since I last met. Yeah, the one I did that person’s assignment. Free meal FTW. Lol.

Hoping to get a good haircut.

Pumping my exercise rate.

Legs tired even though I’m just cycling around basketball court with 3rd gear. Wtf.

My biceps on my legs damn painful when I push. That’s bout it for now. Better sleep.

p/s — Oh BTW another dream car, Benz C 200 W204 is FTW. It’s like driving an aeroplane, or a computer. Damn sleek. My favorite. ❤



3 Responses to “Trak trak trak.”

  1. thejuggernaut Says: … bukan leg biceps la

  2. thejuggernaut Says:

    ah .. i see.. so its your quadriceps aye….

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