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Move Along Like You Know You Should~

September 30, 2009

Now Playing — The All-American Rejects – Move Along

The first time I noticed this song was in an advertisement in one of the channels, to be specific Digi Advert. I like the tune to it, lol, quite meaningful. I downloaded the whole AAR album *oops* and seems to be liking it, like One Republic.

Next time I’m gonna get Dau*how to spell*Daughtry and Nickelback’s albums. =D

With that aside, next move along to the next song I’m listening to now:

Black Eyed Peas — I Gotta Feeling

Seriously, I streamed the MV in Youtube, and I was like wtfisthisshit? Lol. Don’t get it. Meh, MVs are never serious to begin with most of the time I guess.

So what did I do today? Attend class, I walked to campus as Vailance woke up late. Lol. After that went to MCs room to discuss my FYP. GG lo. Discussed for 30mins plus but to no avail, so he said give him a day’s time. Ok lo, what can I do…

Went to the cafeteria, it was shitloads of people there. I was like @@ and started panic. It feels like your drowning in the building with a sea of people. More like survival project like L4D where everyone around you are zombies. Hungry human = will kill for food. It does make sense XD

Ate at the outside cafeteria… made friends with some random dudes. Well done eXP. Lol. Could have done better la… gotta get used to it.

Then walk back to house and took a nap, then COD4 localgame practice throwing nades and sniper as internet died.

Skip the useless info, and found information regarding AES and the recent successful 14 rounds Cryptanalysis. Tried using Snort, but the GUI keeps crashing. Niaseng.

Stress. I just realised I haven’t register, and my dad scolded me as well. Tomorrow I gotta man up and go register. I have the fear to register alone as… well shit happened before this.

So ya… fats to lose, readings to do, knowledge to gain, choices to make, breaths to recuperate.

Cmon man… it’s almost the end of Sept. Where’s my on switch for uber_pwnage mode?



I think I’m fallin’ for youuuuuuu

September 28, 2009

Yeah… you so damn cute. More on that later.

Supposedly updating photos for Indonesia trip… till today still haven’t do it. -_-

Just came back from MidValley. Went MV, and MV Apartments, AIMS datacentre, saw the interal, damn cool.

Erm, then ate at Chilis Corny belanja half portion of our food. Thank you~

Oh ya watched Final Destination… regreted. Don’t ask why.

Then at Chilis when I was walking out from the toilet, a pretty girl came out at the same time. She gave me the stuncock face, and yelled. Then I think she got shocked and paiseh and started laughing and walk towards her friends, on their shoulder pushing them to the door while the laughter continues.

Girlcoating la. What else. Why la. Why coat la. No chance to talk to her. Damn funny tho. I was like o-O wtf lol.




Bath time. Sleepy laaaaaaaaaaaa.


No Surprise

September 21, 2009

I’ve practiced this for hours, gone round and round
And now I think that I’ve got it all down
And as I say it louder I love how it sounds
Cause I’m not taking the easy way out
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn’t have to give a reason why…

Gotta get get… gotta get a list.

It’s almost a year…



September 19, 2009

*floats around*

I am back from my vacation in Indonesia. I think I overworked my stomach.

Still blur now after wearing my earphones (didn’t bring my headphones back). Geez earphones really sucks.

I can doze off this instant. I guess I better do so. Lol.

But anyway, sometimes, you just know what you have to do, or what you want to do. The layout is already there. The road is in front of you already. All it takes is just the first step, the longest stride. After that, it’s all easy.

I’m always stuck at the longest moment of what that seemed like eternity, the longest stride.


Irony Eh

September 10, 2009

My eyes just flared up when I saw someone in the forums saying Kampar is lame. Well, try Semenyih for the matter. Actually it doesn’t matter, just get over it, like how I did.

As much as I despise people who are stereotypical, this is no different from being ignorant. Well clearly they are too stuck up with their own ‘original’ lifestyle and any other types are just plain
‘lame’. I can directly classify this group of people, but definitely it’s gonna offend one whole bunch of the population, so I’m holding my guns back.

Geez people these days. The more sophisticated one can be, the more ‘incredible’ they become.

Anyway, today lunch was Vietnamese noodle, tinkered around in Hien’s house, and went back to mine.

Nothing much for the evening, and ate at Idi’s. Damn the rice is spicy. Forgot to tell the guy. I actually watched Watchmen there. I was like, wait a minute isn’t that the quote Jon used in his MSN some time ago? Lol.

Ok la, don’t really like the movie. Thank god didn’t go to the cinema for it.

Eitherway, I met a Bangladeshi friend of mine, beer is on him, so I followed and chatted. He shared his experience during the work and travel thingy, and green eyes starting to popup from me like mushrooms poping out after a rain. Really.

Well life can really be awesome.

Gonna sleep now, waking up early, and for the first time flying over to Indonesia, for 5 days.

Fun is on the way! =D


This needs more awsm

September 9, 2009

Awesome delivered. =D


Special Moment

September 8, 2009

I hereby take this post to dedicate my special thanks to this person. Meeting you 7 years ago really changed me a lot, and the first time was amazingly funny. You are the anchor point to where my successes and fails reflect back to me. I overcame my fear thanks to you. I took the first step thanks to you.

No words can describe this interesting bond between us. Even if there is I won’t post it here lalala.

Yes I know you won’t be reading this, nor will you be able to understand what this post means, but I sincerely thank you for what you showed me, in a very unique way that I can’t find elsewhere.

That is what that makes you wonderful.You made me realize that it’s not true or false that matters, but the moment and action.

Thank you.

7 years and counting


Random Lolx.

September 8, 2009

Lol I found some pretty interesting photos I’d taken with my handphone and camera which are not posted. I just edited them just now to prevent my mind to think of my empty stomach at 3:45AM in the morning. Geez coming back to Semenyih without any food supply is really suicidal.

But at least my parents came down to KL for the first time after 3 and a half years of not coming down to Semenyih to look at my lifestyle. They stayed overnight, I drove them down to KL =D First time. Tiring because I didn’t get enough sleep. But quite awesome la. I tekan 140km/h straight kena marah liao.

Let’s stay on topic. Still uploading some photos. A lot of my photos are not posted online, due to the fact that it’s family members photos, my photos, personal photos, items which I should not let anybody see, etc. You get my point.

Some of the photos posted here are a few years old, some are just taken a few hours ago.

Without further ado, let me start with flowers around my house (Kampar):

I love this shot.

I love this shot.

Flowers too.

Flowers too.

... and more flowers XD

... and more flowers XD

New RM50

New RM50

The friendly technician that fixed my line

The friendly technician that fixed my line

Lol forgot to edit this =P

Lol forgot to edit this =P (1.2MB)

New haircut. Wonder how did they comb my hair till like that.

New haircut. Wonder how did they style my hair till like that.

I always can’t style my hair till that stage. I don’t know why -___-

Now here comes the interesting part:

This photo was taken by Jeevan during 2007 at Broga Temple with my w850i:

My NS hairstyle. -_____-

My NS hairstyle. -_____-

… and here’s 2 years later… nothing much changed eh XD Perhaps I’m more handsome right now XDXD

Visiting Broga Temple with parents.

Visiting Broga Temple with parents.

Irony eh. Lol.

Now Playing — BoA – Energetic

Trak trak trak.

September 3, 2009

Boom. *+5*

There goes one enemy. One bunch left.

Nothing much to add recently, tho got pretty good materials, and watched The PickUp Artist, and gonna finish downloading Summer Snow, and didn’t touch books.

Saturday going out with someone, like finally. 2 years since I last met. Yeah, the one I did that person’s assignment. Free meal FTW. Lol.

Hoping to get a good haircut.

Pumping my exercise rate.

Legs tired even though I’m just cycling around basketball court with 3rd gear. Wtf.

My biceps on my legs damn painful when I push. That’s bout it for now. Better sleep.

p/s — Oh BTW another dream car, Benz C 200 W204 is FTW. It’s like driving an aeroplane, or a computer. Damn sleek. My favorite. ❤