Full Speed Ahead


“Full Speed Ahead” was used by Apple in WWDC2009, if I recall correctly. It’s for the 64bit native support.

Ahoy mates! Internet’s back to normal. =D Be courteous to the one who is fixing your line. You can screw whatever you want to the Customer Service ones as they are the ones that normally gives you shit. Heck, they can’t even explain why “technician came and changed my modem” is in my report when the technician didn’t even come into my house that day? Retards. I asked to update my report, they go and create me another one. I gotta call 2 times just to get things straight, and I got hung up on the first time. Wtf? I told the second guy, “Look. I WANT you to UPDATE my REPORT. That’s it.” and he said “Oh GOOD you have a report.” Wtf can’t you see it from the bloody system?

Seriously, Customer Service department has one of the best trainees around. All kinds of shit. The Technical Department however seem to be filled with girls, I called twice there and girls pick up. Damn can’t get her Facebook that day.

Anyway, I was talking to the technician when he’s up the telephone pole, apparently thunderstrike killed 4 or more telephone boxes on the poles. No wonder my phone got static sound. Now crystal clear. After 1 week. For what that seemed like an eternity, I feel glad.

Stable DSL, SNR Margin ok, attenuation high because I’m capped at 2MB, so yea awesome!

Gotta utilize my line as at night I should be using people’s account to get fullspeed XD Rest assured the account I’m using at night is not used by the original user as no one works after 9pm max it seems. *nods*

So yeah, be kind to the ones who really help you solve your problem. It’s not like it’s their fault to begin with most of the time.

p/s — Hormones. They’re dangerous.



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