Is it Life or it’s just Karma?


Imagine this:

What are the odds that when you are about to kiss someone when he’s leaving the car and your MUM just have to call you there and then?! T_T FML man.

Well I can tell you that it’s been 4 years in a row. A friggin streak, never missed once. I should have bloody silenced my phone, turned it off, or just ignore it. Better still run out of the car and savor it.


EVERY FUCKING TIME. You know karma have breaks and periods as well. This shit has no fucking holiday at all.

I still can’t accept the fact that this is happening to me.

I guess I’m still not spontaneous enough. Blah.


p/s — and btw, this is my first time using ‘FML‘ I will make it my last.


One Response to “Is it Life or it’s just Karma?”

  1. t`z Says:

    lol.fuck my life !

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