While I’m At It


It’s been a while since I updated. I was trying to get some sleep, it’s 3AM now, and somehow I was thinking back about what happened before, and after exams in January… well not a pleasent suprise that it’s mind boggling. Then my group project. That’s when my heart beat hiked. Lolx. =P

Ah, the lifeless hours of my life. Wake up, research, do work, eat, continue, sleep, continue. But now, gaming, gaming, sleep. GG.

I still feel unsettled as the fact that my group got runner up for the presentation / open day / whatever. But 82 marks is just awesome. It’s like, ah, the first 80 plus marks in my history of score in Uni. Lolx paiseh I know.

I’d used to think that scoring such imba marks unless you’re a genius is a pretty impossible task, but after looking at the RAs result slip I somehow came to my senses that well it’s just an exam. Lol.

Either way, 3rd year is coming. Less than a month. FYP, no news.

However, I guess this would be the best time to rest at my gamma level, or if that does not make any sense at all, recuperate. =D Correct word to be used, I just checked XD.

Anyway, let us just hope that my senses are all regained before September… Only awesomeness awaits after that.

Perhaps that will be the only thing that is able to prove my hunch correct. =]



2 Responses to “While I’m At It”

  1. Windrunner Says:

    Yes, get adequate rest and fully recharge urself! Nuff with the late nights if i see u online till the wee hours of the morning again u’d better pray hard that when u come back uni i wouldnt remember it else i might very well start lecturing you! Lol!

  2. t`z Says:

    link me link me =]

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