Oh ya the lady on the right? She’s all in one. Happy, Sad, Angry, Seductive, Dangerous, Scary, Calm, Composed, Unpredictable.

People do change. Some try, some don’t. Some prefer to take things slowly, one step at the time. Some are just lack of the urge, or rather motivation. Some are as well deemed as ignorant. Well, it’s quite hard to say, as it’s their lives not yours to judge.

The world we currently live in, is just too beyond our grasp. We just have to know what is coming up ahead, predict the future. Be prepared beforehand. Worry too much about what lies ahead whilst foregoing what lies in front of you this current moment.

We get too caught up with decisions and predicament. Oh sure, feel free to tempt escapism. It helps, maybe for a day or two. Who knows, you might actually last a week or months of doing so. It is just like the wife saying “Oh honey the pipe is leaking, go fix it” while the husband gladly replies “Dear you remember the pails you bought during your shopping spree? It’s now a very good time to use it. It’ll do the trick.” Of course while in reality, that would be quite a scene, and if your wife can afford to spend money on shopping spree, you could have easily hire a plumber to pipe your woes away.

So, we’re left with do it or not. It’s another way of saying “Now or never”. Some might prefer “now and forever”. What’s yours? I personally think, and after a case I faced today, NOW is more important. Tested and proven, it never fails. Instead of worrying your cancer will strike you the next working day *well if you’re in Malaysia maybe it’ll take 3 working days so you’ll have to wait* why not head outside for some sunshine, walk around, sing, dance, whatever. Point — If you have to do, make it worthwhile.

That’s why sometimes I don’t see a point in, you know, putting too much hopes on what you can’t grasp at this moment. You just have to grasp it when it comes. That’s when it manifests and you can see it happening. Of course, you can’t forget that what you have in mind will most of the time if not all turn out differently. Of course you can’t expect the sun to rise from the West. Something more believable and likely to happen like “OMG remember the nerd we used to make fun of? He just got laid!”. Well yeah, things happen. *I will stay away from shit happens but be my guest*.

So, which side of the world you take on, the productive side, unproductive side, neutral, or this thing just never crossed your mind ever? *Well if it really doesn’t, have no fear, you just don’t think the same way as some do. That’s all. nods* Me? As the title says, I guess you’re competent enough to have my take.



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