To-to-tora dora~


Now Playing — Linkin Park – Session

Oh, it’s been weird these few days. To start off with, some f**ked up part bout M$: Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results

Originally read from, read it. Interesting, I tried the keywords “Why is Windows So Expensive?” and the magic happens! Well of course it’s not a proud thing, be clean Microsoft, stop that shit.

Next~ “Hear Me Out Now~” Man Linkin Park is awesome back then.

Tons of anime to watch, movies. Gonna dl Korean TV Series summore. GG.

I realised that my feeling for my field opposite my house is no longer there 😥 Lol. Which explains why I’m stuck in my room most of the time. Bah.

GACC09 soon. Expecting to be awsm. Oh this is what I’d been doing, helping out my junior = =”

I never knew it will turn out this nice. Lol.

I never knew it will turn out this nice. Lol.

I thought it will turn out like some crap scribbled on MS Paint. Lol. Seriously, at least it’s decent instead of ugly. =] But meh I know I would be fired if I were to work in the advertising department lol.

That image alone renders me a free KFC meal and perhaps a tour into UTAR Kampar. Haha. Look, I don’t know what I will be getting, I just did it for the sake of helping her. Oops. Well I taught her Maths back then anyway.

I still got 3 books to read. Woohoo *heaves a sigh* lol. Ah at least the DSL is stable for now.

I guess that’s about it.

Point of wondering — SPGs… Hmmmm.



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