How I Love Your Peaceful Eyes On Me


“Darling so share with me”~

These few days been very weird. Allow me to blog this post so that I would remember about it sometime in future I guess. Now, there’s no way what I typed here will be able to potray what I’d seen first hand, but too bad I can’t just printscreen, or record it and save it as Awesome.mkv and preview it sometime later. laugh.gif

So let’s get the ball rolling.

God knows what’s up in my life these few days. It all started after my research ends. As if I was given a chance, to trip the “new life” switch. -_-

Alright so here’s my dream.

All I can recall is, she’s sitting in front of me *chatter* blue dress. It looks very nice on her. Her sitting poise, and that smile. I forgot what did I say to her. But all that’s left in my memory now is she handed over a gift, it’s a glass frame, with my name and numbers embeded on it, along with other names as well. In my dream I think I remember saying “omg those are my friends” then I grinned. *Yea I know wtf right*

Then she apologized.

Then my dad came back and woke me up. Argh.

End of a surreal dream.

Now, if you’re not a bull who knows how to code algorithms for researching purposes, don’t bother asking me.



One Response to “How I Love Your Peaceful Eyes On Me”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    …. ;/ hahah apa macham… nice dream bro..

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