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Full Speed Ahead

August 29, 2009

“Full Speed Ahead” was used by Apple in WWDC2009, if I recall correctly. It’s for the 64bit native support.

Ahoy mates! Internet’s back to normal. =D Be courteous to the one who is fixing your line. You can screw whatever you want to the Customer Service ones as they are the ones that normally gives you shit. Heck, they can’t even explain why “technician came and changed my modem” is in my report when the technician didn’t even come into my house that day? Retards. I asked to update my report, they go and create me another one. I gotta call 2 times just to get things straight, and I got hung up on the first time. Wtf? I told the second guy, “Look. I WANT you to UPDATE my REPORT. That’s it.” and he said “Oh GOOD you have a report.” Wtf can’t you see it from the bloody system?

Seriously, Customer Service department has one of the best trainees around. All kinds of shit. The Technical Department however seem to be filled with girls, I called twice there and girls pick up. Damn can’t get her Facebook that day.

Anyway, I was talking to the technician when he’s up the telephone pole, apparently thunderstrike killed 4 or more telephone boxes on the poles. No wonder my phone got static sound. Now crystal clear. After 1 week. For what that seemed like an eternity, I feel glad.

Stable DSL, SNR Margin ok, attenuation high because I’m capped at 2MB, so yea awesome!

Gotta utilize my line as at night I should be using people’s account to get fullspeed XD Rest assured the account I’m using at night is not used by the original user as no one works after 9pm max it seems. *nods*

So yeah, be kind to the ones who really help you solve your problem. It’s not like it’s their fault to begin with most of the time.

p/s — Hormones. They’re dangerous.



Why UTAR sucked and INTI isn’t my choice either

August 26, 2009

Originally posted in: Timmy’s Blog –

He’s a friend of mine, we met at a members gathering in Bandar Baru, Kampar, for UTAR students and local forumers. I love his UTAR piece haha. Enjoy. Copyright belongs to its respective owner(s).

A Poem of UTAR

I join Utar because its ‘pien yi’,
I also thought it will be a good uni,
but end i jalan jauh sampai nak mati, because all the faculties telah dibahagi….

in UTAR everything is about money,
pay late then they phone tak henti henti
even worse the officers talk like your are seekor babi,
no manners no courtesy…

Admin is crazy,
you wanna find DSA they will ask you to go jalan from PA to PD
if you complain they will say dont be lazy,
remind again kena marah lagi…

If got class til malam nanti,
after 8 the air cond will mati,
when we complain heaty,
they say the building is empty, meng meng still got security, where got count as empty…

UTAR thought we are monkey,
payment also need to go different faculties,
from collecting receipt, filling in form to paying money,
From PC, PA, PC and need certified go PD …

If your lazy please dont come to this uni,
coz UTAr bus service also need money,
they dont accept cash accept tickets what a pity, 70 cents if u want to beli….

people say come uni,
sure can tiao yu, mana tau whole uni oso ‘beh khi’,
got leng lui also treat us like sui yu…

toilet in UTAR very geli,
if it dont stink then your very lucky,
but the floors are very watery, if you complain to the aunty, they also tak peduli, because they will be very penat if they really wanna cuci, coz UTAR boyz dunno how to aim ‘n’ pee, so it is very smelly…

driving in UTAR is a liability,
Every time you park its very risky,
no parking lot for student in the uni,
jaya one got but its not free,
if double park then put call me message but berhati-hati, or else saman Rm300 lagi …

food in every faculties also ‘bu pien yi’,
they will call out numbers with mic like pertandingan menyanyi,
want cheaper and niser food must go mamak kat tepi,
1 thing bad its hot and dirty …

UTAR got alot of library,
small with insufficient facility, going in also need to show ID, people go in to walk and talk kat sana sini, so students there are very noisy, if your smart you know dont come in to study…

UTAR computer lab very mini,
Pen drive masuk lubang sure got baby,
pregnant with all the trojan, worm and cookies,
besides that the server very laggy, in PA the lab is like CC, student LAN games with any games terkini …

UTAR staff dunno get how much for their salary,
if they have problem they will ask you tunggu sini,
change people also cannot solve it then they ask tunggu lagi, then change people again also cant solve then very soli…

Chinese in UTAR is majority,
Dont know how to speak chinese then they will say you ‘lan si’, good students always carry a electronic dictionary so they will learn better for their study…

Dr Ling say UTAR is good so study disini, but what is happening we also dont have berita terkini, coz the moving to kampar is very lousy,
thats why all the good lecturers also wanna lari, no one wanna go there as its a town like 3rd world country, no KFC no MCD, 1 thing they have is MYFC, trust me for that place is not counted as lousy…

assignment for GD banyak sampai mati, rushing assignment setiap hari, no need sleep macam zombie,
some more class will be 8 pagi,
so macam mana bangun ni,
end up kena barred lagi…

Utar is not very lousy,
if you like to ‘tham siu pin yi’
after you come in you will terpendam dalam hati, coz UTAR my choice is the tagline of this uni…

Before come in kena sedar diri,
Got money please go oversea,
study abroad not like me, if got choice cabut lari, or end up like me always memaki…..

A Poem of INTI

At first I love INTI
But INTI loves my money
I ask money from daddy
But daddy asks mummy
Mummy goes to INTI
And find out why INTI’s so greedy
The lift always mati
And the guards look like monkey
That’s why I started to hate INTI

INTI don’t love me
What for I love INTI
All they need is money
Nothing but money, money and money

The lecturers teach like bugs bunny
No wonder they’re so lousy
And their faces look so funny
Like Talos the mummy

Futhermore, more more money flows to INTI
But they never plant more trees
All because they want to save money
Make all students feel hot to mati

First I entered INTI I got no kaki
Later I found someone likes to play tai tee
Then I started don’t want to study
Here we can find a lot of kaki judi
That’s why we must blame INTI

Since I entered INTI I cant see any leng lui lili sexy

Even the lecturers are more pretty
I always want to date them for tea
But I always kejar they always lari

Dr. Lim from SOLLA always lan si
People said his pucuk already mati
Even Viagra also tak boleh jadi
That’s why loh people say he is ‘cc’

He likes to tell jokes to everybody
But his joke never funny
Sometimes people thinks that his crazy
Dr. Lim so pity

INTI’s toilets really smelly
No water no api
Even you haven’t pee
You want to lari
Always complain they also say soli soli

Tan yew sing always said his INTI got quality
Instead everyone knows they are lousy
INTI motive just to earn more money
So that they can pay lecturers salary
And INTI share in KLSE can naik lagi
Waterfish like us always press by INTI
Just to tipu more more money

That is all the story about INTI
Which loves money
But after all I still come to INTI
To contribute money

u r not in INTI?
u r very lucky
coz INTI cant bluff ur money
just cabut n jangan kembali~!!

Student of INTI
noway to lari
already jadi SuiYee (waterfish)
plz tell everybody
jangan kena tipu lagi

Is it Life or it’s just Karma?

August 24, 2009

Imagine this:

What are the odds that when you are about to kiss someone when he’s leaving the car and your MUM just have to call you there and then?! T_T FML man.

Well I can tell you that it’s been 4 years in a row. A friggin streak, never missed once. I should have bloody silenced my phone, turned it off, or just ignore it. Better still run out of the car and savor it.


EVERY FUCKING TIME. You know karma have breaks and periods as well. This shit has no fucking holiday at all.

I still can’t accept the fact that this is happening to me.

I guess I’m still not spontaneous enough. Blah.


p/s — and btw, this is my first time using ‘FML‘ I will make it my last.

While I’m At It

August 18, 2009

It’s been a while since I updated. I was trying to get some sleep, it’s 3AM now, and somehow I was thinking back about what happened before, and after exams in January… well not a pleasent suprise that it’s mind boggling. Then my group project. That’s when my heart beat hiked. Lolx. =P

Ah, the lifeless hours of my life. Wake up, research, do work, eat, continue, sleep, continue. But now, gaming, gaming, sleep. GG.

I still feel unsettled as the fact that my group got runner up for the presentation / open day / whatever. But 82 marks is just awesome. It’s like, ah, the first 80 plus marks in my history of score in Uni. Lolx paiseh I know.

I’d used to think that scoring such imba marks unless you’re a genius is a pretty impossible task, but after looking at the RAs result slip I somehow came to my senses that well it’s just an exam. Lol.

Either way, 3rd year is coming. Less than a month. FYP, no news.

However, I guess this would be the best time to rest at my gamma level, or if that does not make any sense at all, recuperate. =D Correct word to be used, I just checked XD.

Anyway, let us just hope that my senses are all regained before September… Only awesomeness awaits after that.

Perhaps that will be the only thing that is able to prove my hunch correct. =]


Just a Twitch

August 13, 2009

I could not find a better way to phrase it. Perhaps that’s life’s motto as well. Just a twitch.

After that, it’s all gone. It comes back maybe in a day or two, months, years, minutes, seconds, but you wouldn’t notice that it’s gone. Afterall, it’s just a twitch.

Sleeping ‘early’. Something’s coming up, I hope it’s awesome. Make it work.



August 8, 2009

Oh ya the lady on the right? She’s all in one. Happy, Sad, Angry, Seductive, Dangerous, Scary, Calm, Composed, Unpredictable.

People do change. Some try, some don’t. Some prefer to take things slowly, one step at the time. Some are just lack of the urge, or rather motivation. Some are as well deemed as ignorant. Well, it’s quite hard to say, as it’s their lives not yours to judge.

The world we currently live in, is just too beyond our grasp. We just have to know what is coming up ahead, predict the future. Be prepared beforehand. Worry too much about what lies ahead whilst foregoing what lies in front of you this current moment.

We get too caught up with decisions and predicament. Oh sure, feel free to tempt escapism. It helps, maybe for a day or two. Who knows, you might actually last a week or months of doing so. It is just like the wife saying “Oh honey the pipe is leaking, go fix it” while the husband gladly replies “Dear you remember the pails you bought during your shopping spree? It’s now a very good time to use it. It’ll do the trick.” Of course while in reality, that would be quite a scene, and if your wife can afford to spend money on shopping spree, you could have easily hire a plumber to pipe your woes away.

So, we’re left with do it or not. It’s another way of saying “Now or never”. Some might prefer “now and forever”. What’s yours? I personally think, and after a case I faced today, NOW is more important. Tested and proven, it never fails. Instead of worrying your cancer will strike you the next working day *well if you’re in Malaysia maybe it’ll take 3 working days so you’ll have to wait* why not head outside for some sunshine, walk around, sing, dance, whatever. Point — If you have to do, make it worthwhile.

That’s why sometimes I don’t see a point in, you know, putting too much hopes on what you can’t grasp at this moment. You just have to grasp it when it comes. That’s when it manifests and you can see it happening. Of course, you can’t forget that what you have in mind will most of the time if not all turn out differently. Of course you can’t expect the sun to rise from the West. Something more believable and likely to happen like “OMG remember the nerd we used to make fun of? He just got laid!”. Well yeah, things happen. *I will stay away from shit happens but be my guest*.

So, which side of the world you take on, the productive side, unproductive side, neutral, or this thing just never crossed your mind ever? *Well if it really doesn’t, have no fear, you just don’t think the same way as some do. That’s all. nods* Me? As the title says, I guess you’re competent enough to have my take.


To-to-tora dora~

August 7, 2009

Now Playing — Linkin Park – Session

Oh, it’s been weird these few days. To start off with, some f**ked up part bout M$: Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results

Originally read from, read it. Interesting, I tried the keywords “Why is Windows So Expensive?” and the magic happens! Well of course it’s not a proud thing, be clean Microsoft, stop that shit.

Next~ “Hear Me Out Now~” Man Linkin Park is awesome back then.


How I Love Your Peaceful Eyes On Me

August 2, 2009

“Darling so share with me”~