Twist of Fate?


Let me start with something awesome.

2. The internet has retarded Generation Y’s social skills. Instead of telling a person directly that they’re interested in them by asking them on a date, Generation Y sends Crush alerts on Facebook. While the internet has made connecting with people easier, it has also made us lazier at establishing meaningful relationships. If you’re over 18 and you’re still using Facebook applications to let someone know you’re interested in them, you need to be punched in the face.
Source — Click Here

Quite true eh?

Ok finished COD4. Quite some time didn’t play. DotA hiatus ady ah. Lol.

Now look, going to Genting was out of nowhere. 2 idiots suddenly say eh let’s go Genting so I’m like ok lor. After fidgeting around they told me that you can buy vouchers for a very cheap price for the room. The downside is you have to prebook 3 days earlier. Out of the story already for that, so we stick to online ordering. Corny is reluctant to use credit card (under his dad), so I have to do phone booking. The first time I called, I was like WTF NO ROOMS AT ALL?!?! How can it be it’s like low season man. All hotels. Vail was like *waving hand sideways* to cut the call. So I did. We we’re still caught in the moment thinking what the hell happened.

After a while I called again, and got ourselves a room in Theme Park Hotel. 1st World Full. 4 ppl went, Vail, Me, Harvey, Jeya.

Oh yeah thank god the second time I called them, a lady named *I am not too sure as she mentioned her name, I repeat it, tho I don’t know what name is that mode* Arnie or some sort served me quickly and efficiently. Unlike the first one which is blurer than me (how worse can it be).

Vail drove. Rush, 4 ppl. Somehow the Kancil manage to drive faster than us for a while before we manage to catch up at the slope. Lol. Buses are the most scariest vehicle you want to find beside you at a  junction. The view was nice, with the fogs and stuffs. XD

But before that, we went Ampang and had breakfast first, Yong Tofu. Woot. Due to some miscommunication the first 1 hour spent was a waste due to the fact that Vail could have taken the other road which is the correct road instead of touring around KL just to reach Ampang. That car ride was really a KL tour, as we went to the other side of KL. I was like, kewl map explored *ting* XD

After eating, fire up Garmin GPS, and we headed straight to the top.

Reached there around 11am, wanted to check in but there are still people in the room. Register first, then we walked around. So we’d decided to put all the stuff in the car again. Lol. = = Went to First World, then walked around, nothing much. So they decided to go into the casino. I was like O_O my god so fast. First try was pure luck. PURE LUCK. I have a digicam on my waist, under 21. You think?

4 ppl walk past the gate. First guard was inspecting someone so ignore just walk. Second lady guard tahan Jeya, so I was like hiding away from her and stood there. Jeya notice chance, Harvey say “go go” I turned and walk. Apparently my angles are so well that she doesn’t even know my existence when I was beside Jeya. Rofl. I was literally grinning after I went past security XD I’m like, woah so this is how it looks like. Walked around, Vail already started to complain that this doesn’t look like Las Vegas *facepalm*

Then we found out there’s free drinks in the casino. Being freeloaders we went there and checked the corner out. What captured my eyes first was the Three Face. Then only I noticed that there’s Three Card Poker as well. @@ Was looking around for TouchBet Roulette, even messaged Kwang for it XD It does have a quite homey feeling there la. Bloody slot machines XD

So the guys planned on what they wanted to play. Somehow rather they decided to walk out to have lunch and register World Card. Manatau outside queue damn long so they want to go back in again. I have a hunch that I’m gonna KO this time. Really did. =__=

What can I do when they are stuck inside while I cannot enter? Stood there and walk around lor. I heard 3 chinese dudes talking, one on the phone, saying “You won Rm6500? =OOOOOO” in mandarin. I was like o_O Lolz.

So from what it seems like an eternity, we headed back to the hotel to check in first. Room still not cleaned yet. =_= Put our things in the room, rested a while, headed for lunch downstairs in Old Town (Vail’s idea he dislikes cafeteria. -.-)

Thank god I ordered White Coffee KAO if not I’d slept whilst walking. Lol. 4 hours of sleep ain’t getting me anywhere.

After that, we went back to First World. Walked around, they entered Monte Carlo, I got kicked. Damn. >_>

Then I went to teh arcade side cos I can’t enter anyway. Before that I scouted for the police guards and where they stand. Thinking of a way to get in XDXD

Jeya called me saying he lost them as the casino in Monte Carlo is too big.

Then they came to me after a while, and gave me a solution.

Corny’s driving license, put in my wallet. I walked in hand over my wallet, he said ok, I just ran in. Weeeeeeee~

Monte Carlo is nice man. Really really nice. High stakes table. I predicted the cards for the dealer at the Blackjack table. That table is cursed man I tell you. 5 times blackjack, then once 6 cards still haven’t reach 21. Lao eh. I even predicted what card the dealer’s gonna get for the 3rd card. It really came out, on the 4th la. XD Apparently card counting works somehow.

So we walked around, then we went back to the first casino we entered. Look at the rich ppl play slot machine. Money drop down like water. Lol. Tho the lady was having a good streak and earned quite a bit.

Harvey stated playing first (Big Small). So we cheered for him XD Duwan play yet. = = Then he lost everything after winning RM20 lose RM20 win again lose again XD

Then Jeya went and play Bacarrat. I joined after he played for a while. Earned Rm20, so free dinner. XD

Quite fun la Bacarrat, can predict sometimes. Sometimes the game just starts to screw up when you see Banker win like 8 times in a row, or 4 consecutive Ties, wth man.

Second time I play I lost RM5, after dinner. XD Corny poured RM50 into the slot machine. Harvey emo cos lost and don’t want to eat saying the nicotine killing him.

I was enjoying my food XD I even took a picture of it, but it’s still in my digicam la. I never even took any other pictures besides that -_-

Well Vail always like to condemn one la. So yeah.

After Dinner, Harvey headed back first, while we went into Casino again. Went to Coffee Bean, and eat something since we’re hungry. I REGRET ordering the Ice Cappucino there, not because I can’t sleep, well partly la but I dozed off fairly fast, it’s the damn taste. Starbucks tastes better.

The Chicken Pie is delicious tho. Damn I’m hungry now T___T

We called Harvey to come along, then after we seperate into two groups. 1 go back to room and sleep, while the other walk around (Jeya and I). So we chatted a bit, walk walk walk, and he went back to play Bacarrat. I wasn’t really in a mood to play, it’s like want to play but suddenly don’t want as I was having a slight headache. Then this moment I regret for not trying T__T lol. Ok la. First timer not bad. Jeya even more pro. At first lose money and borrowed from me, then 2nd time when we went back in again he earned 100 plus. Not bad for a beginner, really.

Bacarrat is a very interesting game, you can bet on Player, Tie, Banker. Player 1:1, Tie 1:8, Banker 1:1, 1:6 if after 6 rounds of banker winning straight. Quite predictable, tho random at times (duh), and simple. Unlike Three Face for those who have no background in card games, they have a hard time understanding the game. Also, I don’t know how to play Pontoon. Lol. I saw Pontoon tables in Monte Carlo.

There’s this lady, with bf, sitting there slamming on the panel only. I see her money go down damn fast. XD Then second round during midnight I walked past her I glanced at the account balance (we are playing Touch Bet so it’s digital), RM400 plus. BF give money one la must be. Jeya was like saying “She looks quite cute” Lol.

After he manage to win back the money the second time, well at first he get back RM110, then he still stay, and lost it. =-= So gotta earn again. Then really hit the Tie, so earn back, and I pulled him away.

Walked to Monte Carlo, and the one opposite. Damn huge la. Oh during midnight where ever I enter also didn’t check me. ^^ Yay.

Jeya pointed out to me that the chandeliars are nice. I looked up and went “HOLY SHITZ”. It is huge and nice. Very. There’s like 10 of then at the hallway. Lol. So we made our way to parts of the casino, and it’s like neverending stretch of it. We keep walking and walking. Occasional yells from China people fill the air.

Then this is my interesting part…

While walking, I saw 2 dealers walking past us very fast. Somehow my head locked on that person. I saw the person’s face, then I turned back. Mouth speechless. Didn’t even call the name.

In dealer suit, with a guy. Walking very fast. I heard the voice, I guess that’s what made me O_O and tilted my head. Lol.

GG. Really GG. What are the odds. That moment man. Lucky or twist of fate?

Then Jeya gotta go shit. _—-_

So I stoned there while waiting for him, messaged sis and someone else. I even messaged Vail saying OI sleep ady ah? No reply means sleep ady lor XDXD

My legs was like screaming for help already. Really hurts. Damn pain. Even worse than cross training I guess. XD

Total leg workout. Imba.

Went back to the room, 2 KO on the bed already. We we’re like saying wa what happened to Vail’s plan to pull the bed and sleep beside the window.

Apparently some genius turned on the fan when they sleep, so I’m too lazy to switch it off, and there’s only 1 blanket, for 3 people. Didn’t request for extra blanket, really genius la. Poor Harvey, Jeya took the whole blanket. XD I was in the middle, so I sure can get one =3 Imagine this la, 3 guys sleeping on a queen size bed horizontally. How to sleep my legs are hanging actually. @@

Then there’s this high-pitch buzzing sound emitted from nowhere so I have some trouble dozing off at first.

Woke up pretty early cos have to send Jeya back to work. I ain’t feeling well after that as I woke up early, lack of sleep, and hungry.

Totally have wind inside my stomach. Not good. Only manage to burp and eat breakfast when we reach Ampang.

Well practically that’s it. Nothing much la. But fun experience for me to be in teh casino. Next year legal age! Muahahhaah. The view is spectacular in the morning when we leave Genting, the mist is just nice. That is because it rained the moment we stepped outside. Freezing. @@”

So what had I learned and what would I do next time:

  • Earn 7 digits and go play kaw kaw, with a gf.
  • Stay more than 1 night.
  • Newbie, play bacarrat, only. =D (gotta use ppl’s card if I’m still under 21 >_>)
  • When I’m 21 get a World Card and play TouchBet machines!

Crashing now. eXP out.


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