We Won’t Let It Go For Nothing…~


Was what me and Jeya did. XD

Of course, I’ll blog about that later, lah.

Now Playing — Ne-Yo – Mad

I’d been editing the music from this link — Click Here

or just click play lol

I never knew my songs would sound better with the equalizer off XD XD

So back to topic. I did the editing HOURS before I wake up and went up Genting. WTF right? I don’t know why but I just got hooked on to try on it. =3 I never noticed that the user is a girl, till I recheck the channel and noticed her gender column. Lol. @@

She’s good. Damn good.

Too bad the recording got a lot of cracks and static. Grr I hate static the most.

What do you expect me to do, try removing it of course! Started by reading sites, playing around with Sony SoundForge, then downloaded Audacity, and combo both, played around with the settings and stuff. Took up a good 3 hours. In the end I slept for 4 hours and go Genting straight. @@”

Goes without saying that I am no pro music editor, but yea I gave it my shot. Apparently softwares really manage to make things happen, not perfect, but quite awesome already. I might play around with Atomix and start remixing songs XD Turntable~

Interesting thing is, with SoundForge, I can’t really remove the hiss sound completely, but if I do so with Audacity, the treble gets tuned down, and low pitched. It’s a damn trade off grrr. Lol. So I was playing with it again to see what I can come up with lah. Somehow it sounds nicer if I play in SoundForge dunno why @@

This is the link to the first try, before Genting Trip. Click Here.

This is the link to the second try for today. Click Here.

So, comments anyone? I wonder which one they prefer (the ones who requested for a clearer version)



Sites referred (not exhaustive list):



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