Panda Eyes Sleepyhead Floating Bunny


Picture related

IT’s OVAHHHH. =D Summer research kautimmmmm.

@@. Tiring like hell. Woke up early and took breakfast (yea, WOW), and then spent the whole day in campus. Siao.

So now I iz finally free!!!!1111oneoneonsatusatusatu till I start my research… *ngioooooong turn off sound* gg


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Solar eclipse, one of the longest period for the 21st century. Will blog bout that later. I need sleep desu.

Ah yea I saw the notts cert, plain la. Really as mentioned.

What he said made me think twice again bout studying PhD now… hmmm. Well who knows? *shrug* lol =D

Gdnite, I mean good morning world!



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