Chinese Ed GF vs English Ed GF


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Author — ZeratoS. Posted with permission.

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Speakin’ regarding the topic at hand, I find myself rather inclined to be biased towards those of an English background. Throughout my entire school life, particularly that of high school, I find that the Chinese Educated students, in particular the girls, tend to be what we call syoik sendiri to the point that its not funny.

I mean, knowing that there were students who did not grasp Mandarin well these girls would proceed to ask the teacher questions in Chinese, abruptly disrupting classes since we bananas don’t get it. Very kiasu and no sense of decency if you ask me. I would also often get the “Oh ask the ENGLISH pro!” and “Wah you lansi o, your english geng ma.” nonsense from these people. Not just guys but the girls too!

I myself tend to stereotype and classify the girls of our race. Having been brought up to think critically and see all the facets on the gemstone or so to speak figuratively, I try to look at girls beyond what they present themselves as.

But honestly speaking, you tend to notice that we CAN to a certain extent stereotype these girls. How many Chinese Educated (The Extremes) females wear clothing brands like MNG, Zara and Topshop? I hardly ever see such. Perhaps its the environment around me, having studied in Taylor’s Subang Campus, you will notice the segregation.

The English Educated females hang out in specific places, wear specific clothes and tend to do specific things. The most common instance would be Starbucks, designer or tasteful/classy clothes and well engage themselves in things like the Student Council.

On the other hand, the Chinese Eds. tend to hang out in places such as that corner coffee shop, wear brands I have never heard of and the like. Its pretty easy to distinguish them apart too. From the way they speak to the way they act.

I’ve noticed, having not prepared themselves for Tertiary education (for which is English based in many countries), these Chinese Educated students having been brought up in a, shall we say, enclosed environment feel alien and ostracised. (I believe?)

Hell, you’ll see the difference in their demeanor and the way they carry themselves. English Educated girls are so confident! Whereas one will hardly notice them Chinese Eds. A matter of confidence perhaps?

Extra points in no general category, based on past experiences and general observation. :
-English Ed females can be categorized in to a few categories (though may cross categories or be partial of each) ;
*The Outgoing
*The B_tch/Wh_re (Sub-Category)
*The Conservative
*The Studious
-Chinese Ed females ;
*B_tch/Lalamui/Ah Lian (They all have the same attitude)
*Wanna-be Taiwanese Soap Opera Star
*Conservative & Studious
*Friendly, Outgoing & Optimist

It really depends on which category they fall under, coupled with background, environment, friends. I find that those who dress in their harajuku-wannabe fashion only do it to attract attention.

The curious question is this. What YOU want in a lady differs from everyone else. Some may go for the submissive girls, something I DO find common in Chinese Educated girls (though I may be wrong), some like the outgoing types, some want a mix of everything, and some just want any girl they can get. Upbringing constitutes how they handle situations and how they carry themselves, so you be the one to judge. I have a friend who’s rich, comes from a Chinese Educated background (schoolwise), speaks English at home and yet her English is above-average at best. Shown in her Cambridge Examination results, being a typical straight A student found in Chinese schools. Yet she managed to obtain a place in the London School of Economics, a feat that my entire class, even being English Ed. had not been able to achieve. Why so? She carries herself well, has some behavior like an English Ed and knows what to do whilst mantaining her Chinese grassroots. (The whole groupie thing and all.)

So the question is, what kind of woman do you want? wink.gif


Now, my personal preference lies really with the English upbringing really, though I do try to learn any dialect I come across. Simply because girls who have another language as their forte will be unable to communicate with me. I could speak to them about things ranging from philosophy to music (classical, not the trashy nonsense that we get today, ESPECIALLY not Jay Chou.) but can they comprehend what I try to convey to them? I think not. All the other points mentioned prior to my post do tend to affect the way I view it too. Things such as dress sense, ettiquette, confidence and intelligence really play a big part in attraction. Not just some crummy book-memorizing skills which seriously anybody can do. The English educated ladies tend to be better conversationalists too, as per my experience, whilst those from a traditional Chinese background would just stare at me blankly and go “Har?”, “What you mean?” having me repeat the entire discussion, to them, in extremely simple English that even my 8-year old brother can grasp better.

Perhaps another example would be what activities these girls indulge themselves in. Whilst we guys consider it worth the money to go for things like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Go-Karting (Which girls can do to!) and the like, it would be just another “waste of money” to them. Yet they can splurge on K-boxes and atrocious looking clothes?

I myself write poetry, and what stares do I get in return? The typical Chinese Ed. phrase :
“Wah, so deep! What for u do this?”

Stupid isn’t it? Being a 19-year old guy I wouldn’t know too much about it as I have only explored the tip of the iceberg of life. What do the LYN-er’s think of the way I think? Too “deep” for these people? I’d like some insight on it.


P.S : Don’t screw me upside down, in no way does my post reflect on the population as a whole as I am pretty much aware of some very astounding individuals (females) who have a very Chinese upbringing and yet manage to forge their way through society and create memories in the hearts of their friends which aren’t too easily forgotten.

P.P.S : Now lalagirls/ah lians, I won’t even consider them under any category of Chinese people, be it English or Chinese educated. As far as I am concerned these creatures are a species of their own.

Viva la Vida.

—– end of post —–

Forgot to post this for 1 month. I can’t believe it. -_-

What say you? Me? Well, I concur generally to the above. Wait I also forgot what he posted =P



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