BoA’s song, named Eternity I think. Wait let me check. Yeah. Eternity (Eien, 永遠)

It’s been playing in my head since just now. So now I’m playing it. Lol.


Don’t worry my brain officially crashed on me. My sis prolly know why.


Gah. How to optimise. It’s already multithreaded, float4. ==

Till end of the month only… endure endure.

Tested my Nike Air, first 5 mins can feel the AIR la. Later on 30mins like that no more feeling ady. Adapted to the cushion perhaps.

I need to improve in my command of English, and perhaps minimise the number of typos when I type, meaning I have to try to type accurately instead of fidgeting on my keyboard making a lot of mistakes. You have no idea how many backspaces I actually pressed to rectify my spelling mistakes. One of the reasons why in Typing Maniac my marks is the maximum I can get already. Till I master the art of typing while looking at a document with 10fingers, I can’t break the barrier. Just like my speedreading. Lol.

I’ll probably be running my ass of these following few weeks. It’s a disgrace to know that my stamina dropped exponentially. Can’t be blamed, hopefully it’s not too late. Fuck the typos.

Cleaning my Desktop cos no space and cluttered. Brb.



2 Responses to “Eternity”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    gambateh bro.. i need to do my best as well!!

  2. Steph Says:

    ei I want DSLR ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im serious

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