What about DAICON09?


I personally think that the event is ok… at first. Then I take back my words. Besides the concert for Chihara Minori, everything else is screwed. Why?

The following blog authors expressed way better than I could:




So in short, it could be a more successful event. Now I’m looking forward to GACC09.

— edit:

Well, ejump has a very interesting post:


and so he’s the one that gave her a bear. LOL well done.


Forget the organisers, you did a good job XD



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4 Responses to “What about DAICON09?”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    ARGGRGHHHHH Toruture… it burns1!!! it burns my hearts,… KURUSHI!!!!!

  2. e-jump Says:

    Thanks Exp.
    I didnt regret to give her that Kuma-san.
    Wonderful time were had, and my hand still aches till today

  3. weroth Says:

    I would laugh if someone gave her a Fujioka bear XD. Good job, e-jump!

  4. thejuggernaut Says:

    they should have!!! Chiaki!!

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