Translation of Chihara Minori’s Official Blogpost


Breaking news edit —

Malaysia Otaku-nism is so notorious now.


Lol, as much as I remember what Hirano Aya posted when she came to Malaysia, this is worth posted here.

FULLSIZED version of website snapshot available here: eXPeri3nc3’s ImageShack

*click for full resolution*

Its in Japanese ZOMG~

It's in Japanese ZOMG~

Now for the translation:

*Copyright Mudmaniac from LYN Forums*

Click to enlarge. Too large ady.

Click to enlarge. Too large ady.

This caught my attention. Lol.

Yesterday the Daicon Staff gave me a Malaysian Kebaya as a present.
< さったので>, they helped me put it on for the encore performance. Isn’t it pretty? I’m glad everyone was happy to see me in the dress.

That’s probably the best thing the staff did for her. =D

Jeevan, all hope is not lost! If you disregard the privately part =P

I want to stay here some more….

I think, given the chance, I would come back to visit Malaysia again (tho, privately if I could).

Well… at least I went and saw her in front of me while I’m sniping. =3


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One Response to “Translation of Chihara Minori’s Official Blogpost”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    privately? haahahah no chance of anyone bumping into her.. we don’t want a repeat of the Hirano fiasco…
    damn joke la, I wished for her to come last GACC, but i forgot to wish that i would be there.. and F*** atalude for tarnishing the name of Msian on the ‘tubes..

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