Shots I took with my A580


Later  I post what I took with Kwang’s Olympus, along with David’s Sniping shots (It seems that we have similar taste LOL).

Disclaimer — I ain’t professional photographer. Nuff said.

Damn la Kwang’s car got Vibrator seat. Why mine don’t have one. T_T

Vibrator Seat Button.

Vibrator Seat Button.

Kwang said, the bridge is the sign that you entered Putrajaya. The Curved shape.

The Bridge

The Bridge

After some lost turns and junctions, finally MMU Cyberjaya!

MMU Cyber

MMU Cyber

I am PROUD of this shot. LOL

Awesome stalking skill

Awesome stalking skill

I don’t need to say moar~



Yeah, really.

Ini result of phailed sniping with a compact camera.

Lolz, sorry la. Give me money I buy DSLR. =3

Lolz, sorry la. Give me money I buy DSLR. =3

Too bad la I didn’t buy the ticket. Internet down so I didn’t go LYN, and apparently GameAxis giving out free tickets. WTF. >_> Damn. But overall DAICON2009 ok la. GACC will be better, as the other friends said the same as well.

August MMU Malacca! (I have a feeling the twin sisters studying there sure won’t be able to see me one, somehow)


2 Responses to “Shots I took with my A580”

  1. Steph Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Omg so that’s DAICON in mmu cyber. heard of it but never get to see it.

    hmm you sure GACC will be better? I dont know thou. hahahah.
    I surely will attend GACC one loooooooo so that time might be able to see you la. hahahaa.. MIGHT BE able to see… =P

  2. lord_jagganath Says:


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