Short break


I iz tired. 2:27 AM and the chinese medication and the tiredness kicking in.

Here are sauces, some are sick tho:

Chihara Minori clear shots:

Who took her mineral water bottle and drank it:


Ok tidur. Night.


11:38 AM edit

Daicon Day One Reveal (Anime Shrine) —

The Doujin Booth Rage (Anime Shrine) —

The Berlin Wall of Hate (Anime Shrine) —

Anime Shrine’s Flickr —


3 Responses to “Short break”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    T-T .. my soul has bled…. pure tears of a sad sad man…. hahahahaha maybe next year lah… better things are yet to come

    • eXPeri3nc3 Says:

      *waits for Hirano Aya* Lol. Doesn’t really matter to me actually… =P I just need girls like Hotlink girl and Dell girl to be at those events! *saves money for DSLR >_>*

  2. Q-chan Says:

    the disgrace or msia and its otaku community is that idiot that took the bottle =.=

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