1 week without internet is HELL.


Ok la let’s start with this:

  1. Pack things up (Pass)
  2. Go uni get results (Pass – Tutor wearing mask, scary. Impressed parents with my crappy results.)
  3. Go TTS2 grab my stuff (Pass – Took slacks which I didn’t wear, my shoes, and pendrive)
  4. Rush down to KL Sentral, pray to get ticket for shuttle train (Fail – It was way after 1, so lunch first)
  5. If successful, go to 6. If not go to 7. (Fail)
  6. Go to McD, either eat there or tapao depending on the time (Fail)
  7. Rush down to Puduraya, buy the fastest bus boarding ticket, and skip lunch if necessary. (Pass – Saw a cute girl, bus at 4, waited 2 hours. Great…)
  8. Go back hometown. (Pass – Yeah, and sat in a 97′ City woot.)
  9. ???
  10. Profit. =3 (Pass – Ok la lol)
  11. Dental appointment (For god sake after 1 year man) (Phailed – Man hospital nurses just suck balls nowadays)
  12. Wedding Dinner. (Not me. Don’t worry) (GGBP — Good game bad played, well, I’ll keep that to myself)

This weekend is superbly rough. Gotta be a lot of posts. Guess I’ll start with Mon-Fri.

Monday — Go back, sat in the City, rained. So stuck at home, played Chinese Chess with my dad for the next few days too.

A winning move from me (I am Green. Do take note that it is very dangerous for both sides, any wrong step is lethal)



Oh I remember Dad saying, “That’s a very good big-dumb-elephant blocking the way” (translate into cantonese then you’ll get it) Lolz.

Dental appointment, nurse say, oh next appointment last ady so can discharge ady. Like wtf o_O so now I’m not wearing my retainer anymore nyahahhah. Maybe wear it when I feel like it. -.-

After that went Ipoh and did some shopping, well bought my Nike Air jogging shoes for RM279 discounted a bit. Expensive but I like the Air. =3

So it’s chess chess chess blast songs with lousy speakers. Lolwut.

Kwang messaged saying wanna escape Klang Valley, planning to come on Friday. Woot.

Then TM finally came and fix the line, paid RM50 for the wiring, and the only thing I can do before I leave the house when Kwang Jon David came was to go google.com to check that the streamyx is working. ==”

Apparently Kwang’s car broke down slightly after the Tapah Resthouse before the Tapah exit. They walked like 3kms+ for petrol. GG.

Brought them to Asam Laksa at 36 Store, closed. Sueh la they all. Ate the beef noodles there lor, mum was there also. I saw KFMin (never notice thought that’s her mum XD) and KFMay. As usual la her attitude, tsk.

So yea sent my mum back to campus, then jalan at Westlake. Took pics. Then Grand Kampar Hotel, David shat brix there. Then Kampar’s famous Bread + Curry Chicken. *drool*

Then go back to KL, rained again. GG.

Kwang bought a damn DSLR. Damnit. D= But oh well. XD

Stayed over at Kwang’s place for the night.

p/s — That Friday I received a call from a groupmember asking me to rush back to KL. I said I’ll be in Klang. So fuck off. I never expected him and another guy to backstab the group in front of our professor. Like wtf. Just tell us face to face la.

Random night shot (testing my camera and a few more ugly shots) Click to enlarge.

I like the aura around the moon.

I like the aura around the moon.

The faulty cable, under the blue sky. Irony.

Faulty Cable, Blue Sky

Faulty Cable, Blue Sky


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