*scratch* I just noticed that now wordpress it’s using HTTPS to login and access the blog. Nice. SSL ❤ I’m kinda obsessed with SSL somehow thanks to my year 2 project lol. I don’t know is it my plugin that forces it to run on SSL whenever it’s possible, or it’s on by default now. Jeevan let me know lol.

Brain blank. Been speedreading blogs. I always read blogs last time. Now when I think again, oh yeah hor I used to read blogs. -_- *smacks head*

I don’t really know what to type here. Lol.

I miss my court. When I was a kid, I always hang out there. Always. 5pm I’ll be running to the field. Come home late, and get scolded, drenched in perspiration, and major cuts sometimes.

It all seems so far away.

Why can’t I just keep it simple instead of complicating things. I wonder.

Now it makes me wonder what is this blog about. For my self reference only, or for people’s view. What does it do, what do I tend to imply in my posts, etc. Ah gg.

Or should I dump everything aside, my alter ego as well, and leave the interwebs?

If I do, all the fame, glory and shame will be soon forgotten.



2 Responses to “Blank”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    eh? got meh? no lah.. not here, Http still…
    what plug-in is that any way?

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