Now Playing — Keri Hilson – Knock You Down

Nice song.

Not bad, I have the ‘pro’ status in Garena MY COD4 room now. ❤  But of course, ask myself truthfully, I iz like lv 0 when the others are at lv 5~10. GGWP man. GGWP.

I need a fkn comb man. I touch my front part of my hair I can feel it tangled up somehow. Geez. Nevah mind going back hometown MUST take a comb. XD It’s been years since I need a comb. *rollseyes*

Ok la I sleep first la. Haha.

I need determination for a change. Big paradigm shift ahead man.

I’ll do it. Blahhhh think positive boy!


p/s — WarGames-The.Dead.Code[2008]DvDrip-aXXo – Nice concept, fake.

Bloody Monday up to date is still the most realistic hacking movie I’d seen. Lol. Too bad there’s not a slightest chance to see a real life hacking video. XD *I might play with php shell… heh heh heh*

edit — Wait I did see a video in Open Source Conference on a attacker in IRC using php backdoors on the servers to do a DDoS. Good shit. Now, imagine a DDoS on an entreprise… you despise. *nods with an evil grin* I know which site I will deface first, and bring down which servers along with it. Muhahahah. Lol like CTF, but in CTF you can’t destroy the machine. Heh.


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