I guess I finally understand why. Lol. Got enlightened from two posts I read just now.

I think I also understand why I face that problem already. From “How Would You Move Mount Fuji”:

The  typical  Microsoft  interviewee  is  unaware  how frequently this scenario plays out. A cheery list of interview tips on Microsoft’s website aims to keep it that way:

As the day goes on  it’s  tempting  to  try  to evaluate how things are going each  step of  the way. Try not  to. Resist getting  stressed out  if you  feel  like  a particular question didn’t seem to go well….there might not be a correlation between  how  it  actually went  and  how  you  perceived  it went.  (Like when you  took  that  exam you  thought you’d totally  tanked  on —  and  you  actually  did well,  or  vice versa?)  Just  be  yourself—that’s who we’re  interested  in meeting and talking with. “

I see….. Lol. Geez. It’s succinctly defined by Microsoft. Wow.

Also, it’s interesting to know that IQ is not was we normally perceive it as it is… we are wrong most of the time.

— Oh yea. Forgot. I really realised how beautiful a smile can be. =]



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