The Revenge of The Fallen


While I think for a suitable title, this just fits in nicely.

I literally mean it. The disease is back. Again. Once more.

The ‘fallen’.

Allow me to explain:

I was in a state-of-art (right) that I indulge myself as if there’s a vortex in my monitor and I dive into it. 24/7. Yes, I am DotA-ing. Why did I do that? Oh old news. Indeed. It was over some… well unsaid feelings.

Guess what, it’s back again. They say sutras give you enlightenment. I guess it’s true.

So in short:



I miss my times playing DotA last time. NO FUCKING LAG. I miss sniping in COD4 with 20~70ping. NO FUCKING LAG.

Seriously. Cmon, show me for what it’s worth. Why am I here stuck for 2 months anyway?

While I’m looking for the answer I guess I already found it long time ago.

I better get some sleep, someone said I’m no longer a bunny but a goldfish now. @@


I wonder when will I get to the other side… with the peers and surroundings I’m in, I think it’ll take forever.

It seems like one fine line between both worlds, and yet feels like it’s seperated between vast oceans and seas, but there’s no actual distance between it.

Just like this:

Verse 4

tasmac chariputra sunyatayam na rupam na vedana na samjna na samskarah na vijnanam. na caksuh-srotra-ghrana-jihva-kaya-manamsi. na rupa-sabda-gandha-rasa-sprastavya-dharmah. na caksur-dhatur yavan na manovijnana-dhatuh. na-avidya na-avidya-ksayo yavan na jaramaranam na jara-marana-ksayo. na duhkha-samudaya-nirodha-marga. na jnanam, na praptir na-apraptih.

Therefore, O Sariputra, in voidness there is no bodily-form, no feeling, no mental imaging, no consciousness; no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, or mind; no sense objects of bodily-form, sound, smell, taste, or touchable states; no visual element, and so forth, until one comes to no mind-cognition element. There is no ignorance, nor extinction of ignorance, until we come to: no aging and death, nor extinction of aging and death. There is no suffering, no origination, no cessation, no path; there is no higher knowledge, no attainment (of nirvana), no nonattainment.

We as humans question, a lot. As defined in Buddhism, Humanity is actually passionate idealism. Guess it’s self explanatory from here on. My question is, will anyone of us actually manage to be in Asura state? Lol. I wonder, really.

— and oh, I really learned something after watching Angels and Demons (2009). The same theory as, “blame the user not the tool”.


p/s — Thank you sis. It’s all on a different plane.

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