Vantec, Transform, Transform!!


1:45 AM 6/23/2009

Lol for the first time in my life I hoped my Vantec HDD Dock transformed into an autobot or some sort like that XDXD Now I regret for not watching Transformers back then.

You see I always don’t really have a thing for mecha (actually I love mecha but some of the previous ‘bad’ experiences with them made me turned to the other side) and my friend actually said, “Eh tomorrow watch Transformers want?”

I said, I haven’t even watched the first one. No worries, another friend of mine directly pass me a copy of the movie. Just finished marathon-ing it and got shocked to know it’s 2 hours 20mins long O_O Lolz.

So yeah, tomorrow night, Transformers II!! Weeee~

And BumbleBee FTW. Muahhahaa XD

Good one tomorrow. =D

Ah yeah speaking of which, maybe that will tweak my brain. *nods* No really. I need some tweaking, in which sniping heads in COD4 doesn’t really help (it actually cause more muscle tension, perspiration, eye movement, increased gasp for air, moving around swiftly roll if you need to [God that sounds like bed exercise >D]), I guess it’s time.

Off to Bloody Monday now. =3

— Oh yeah, my sniping skills improved, BUT I gotta hit Mochi’s level. Or maybe Qchan. Logitech G5 Mouse here I come! —



One Response to “Vantec, Transform, Transform!!”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    I R jelous nao….

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