I don’t know why am I posting this, but hell. I wish I get blue braces back then.

I kept holding back from posting these few days, I myself forgot why I want to do so.

Sorry Anna, forgot to read your blog 😄

Hell, no wordpress, no facebook, no slashdot, no thestar, no

What happened mate?

And that fucker keeps downloading at max line bandwidth till my Garena shows 1 bar to 4 bar (Interpretation: ping 30 green color to 800 red color)

You think I’m god ah snipe people’s head at 999 ping? I do that la but headache and KDR (kill death ratio) sure drop.

Ugh. It’s auto, not manual, 1.3 silver.

Good enough =D

Bloody Monday actually shows real code… like the one in perl/python. Lol. Interesting =3 Hacking scene is ftw, really show the portscan. Wootz.

Meh Jap Drama > CSI (hacking scenes). Yes, I believe that in any *nix systems you can type that fast. Lolz.

My dock looks very nice in the dark…nyaaaaaa~

Ok time to sleep I know I know I should be doing my research yada yada yada gimme a break my attention span and interest walked away and I think it’s still lingering in Wangsa Maju @ TBUN. LOL. = =

Eventually I hope that it will come back and I’ll get the ball rollin’. Yeah that’s how I roll.

You know what? Hopefully I can figure out what’s wrong with me.



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