Here comes the… BOOM


Now Playing — Nelly – Here Comes The Boom

The Longest Yard FTW!

Weird. Yanno why?

I’m on DotA hiatus. Silverhawk not online. When I don’t post my visitor hits increase, but when I post it decreases. o-o

Here’s an example of the searchkeys:

4chan nigger... Nais. -.-

4chan nigger... Nais. -.-

Man Madrid looks nice. Lol.

Friggin weird la. When I have confidence to score ‘this’, I scored the worst out of ‘those’. ‘Those’ that I have no confidence in scoring, all scored. Wtf man.


It’s really like saying ninglaohia.

Anyway, toyed around with zk’s N97. Pretty awesome. =3

Guess rant finished. Rawr.



2 Responses to “Here comes the… BOOM”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    how the hell did searching for that end up on your sight.. must be that 1 time your wrote nigger in your post….

  2. WindRunner Says:

    hehe..put that on ur destination list =))

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