Vantec NexStar HD Dock~


Wee new baby. ❤ Worth the price RM109.

More details after the jump.

I went to All IT Hypermarket, found a dock, for RM150. I directly ask my friend as he bought a dock (which is the main reason why I’m getting a dock instead of a 3.5″ casing) and it cost less than that and his justification is eSATA included in that dock while his one doesn’t have it. Well we seldom or rarely need to use eSATA anyway lol laptop users.

So I went to Sri Computers and found this baby. RM109, directly same spec. -.- This is by Vantec summore, tho Taiwanese Product la no complains xD

2.5″/3.5″ SATA 1/2 HD supported. SATA to eSATA and USB2.0 wei. This good deal where else to find. Lol.
Here are the pictures: (finally long time never use my camera ady XD) *click for bigger picture*

First glance:

Image Hosted by

Picture says it all

After opening the cover:

Image Hosted by

I never expect cables to be in there lol

Cable labeling:

Image Hosted by

They even give me eSATA cables... nice =3

Image Hosted by

Not fingerprint friendly >w<

Image Hosted by

Yeah C for Dummies =P

By experi3nc3, shot with Canon PowerShot A580 at 2009-06-15

Woohoo ❤ No need to worry about heat problems I guess. Just need to worry about static that’s about it @@”



2 Responses to “Vantec NexStar HD Dock~”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    i suggest use a nice plastic bok to cover :3

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