*Brush teeth* Say What?


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Of course, there are some women who think that the man should pay the bill, all the time. Men sometimes complain about such women, while continuing to date them. So it seems, they must be getting something else out of the relationship that compensates for them picking up the tab all the time.

I even read about one woman’s justification for never offering to pay for dinner. Before she goes out on a date, she usually has a manicure, pedicure, something done to her hair, and buys a new outfit and some new underwear (just in case). She might also take some time off work to achieve her desired level of attractiveness. All of which add up to more than the cost of an expensive dinner.

So, all you single guys out there, the next time you buy a girl lunch, you might just have paid for a new pair of knickers.

Uh huh. *continues brushing teeth*

Good job Mary Shneider, now you manage to make me awake for morning research with this that made my eyes O_O. Not even my blasting headphones can kick in that fast. Monday blues bah.



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