Déjà vu


Quoted from newscientist.com (Click Here)

Stranger and stranger yet

About 10 per cent of people claim never to have experienced déjà vu, while some individuals report having it regularly.

Children first get it at around age 8 or 9, suggesting that a degree of cognitive maturity is required.

Déjà vu happens less as you get older and more when you are tired, anxious or stressed.

It is particularly prevalent in people with certain conditions known to produce problems in time perception, such as schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Although there is no gene for déjà vu, it is possible that certain versions of genes associated with epilepsy make some of us more prone to it.

Just reading this article could give you déjà vu.

Been reading this article, when  I was bored and group members didn’t make it to the research meeting. (Yea I ended up walking to the comp lab after I slurped from the fountain of health lol)

But either way, it’s interesting. I’m always curious about Déjà vu and how it works. Apparently it seems that emotions and the brain do play a major part in it, let alone people with epilepsy and schizophrenia (ack can’t spell nor say it >_>)

Oh I found this from slashdot. Lol. Randomness FTW. While I’m at it. I’m finishing Heroes Season 1 adn 2 in a few days already. Power of marathoning. VS2008 Full version which includes 64bit compilers did the trick and the NVIDIA CUDA nBody Simulation code is working weeeee. Well of course I can save the hassle if I were to use Windows Vista 64bit, … oh wait it’s still 64bit anyway, and the downloaded CUDA SDK is in 64bit so either way I still need a bloody 64bit compiler. Mehhhh architecture problems lolz. Oh well. *shrug* at least I manage to get it working, and off to learn C and multithreading on CUDA! Yet again, I still have to get used to C, and the converting part from C to CUDA code. Mehhh /_\

Played Dota Allstars 6.60 with smacky last night, and I was laughing my ass off. Imba. xD

Guess I have to start reading (for everything XD).



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