Blue Balls D=


You might be wondering what are they. bruce.gif

I came across this term while searching for some keywords. Lol. D= So *I knew what it means already just want to see a `formal` definition of it* I clicked on the link, voila. Quoted from Wikipedia:

Blue balls is the slang term for a congested prostate or vasocongestion, the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male. It is often accompanied by a cramp-like ache of prostatic congestion and pain/tenderness or edema of the testes, and is incorrectly believed to have the symptom of a blue tinged scrotum. Weinzimer and Thornton suggested calling it “epididymal hypertension”.[1]

*Ouch* yea it hurts. D=

So, I’ll avoid balls turning blue from now. laugh.gif

What brings me here… at 12am… when I have a train to catch at 5am today?

I wonder… XD

Whole day trying to figure out what went wrong with my internet connection… which made me realise that my splitter is starting to show signs of… malfunctioning (it’s still doing fine despite the noise behind somehow… and it’s gone after unplug and plugging it back again -.-) so I just feel like… ah crap gotta get a new one. Lol. Been reseting my ports countless times, calling TM and trial-and-error, and when my DSL is stable again, I finally knew the reason. It all started after the massive portscan. LOL.

I did a local portscan for e.g. to *.255 and find users with open ports brows.gif and without the need to do anything after that, I can’t surf the net. It shows Loading site… and waits indefinitely. I tried it twice today, and confirmed my suspicion. Tu TM’s DNS will automatically block you from using it, so in other words you can’t resolve any DNS. Use opendns, it will fail. The friggin port is ‘freezed’. To the best of my knowledge, when I ask the customer service, I am very sure they know jack about this. So yeah.

I was thinking of a mass scan and `ahem`ing everything  I find, creating a list of interesting details. But… so far I manage to get 2. Lol. Mehhh. Can’t do it on a regular basis unless you NBTD, or they don’t ban you after doing a pingsweep. Lol. In which I doubt. But why they want to ban… something like conflicker when it transmits to every IP? Hmm something to ponder upon. Maybe tweaking the IP prober helps. =\ Too bad mine can’t be tweaked. Mehhhhh.

Oh well I had my fun >D

Which reminds me, I will change the default username and password for my router. >D

There’s still like *checks* 15mins+ for “The Longest Yard” to finish XD So I’m gonna stay awake till then, and hibernate terus, wake up at 4am.

BTW, if there’s any kissing classes around, let me know. Will gladly attend. Lol. doh.gif



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