Goodluck =)


I dedicate this part of my post to my dear friend, comrade, associate, senior, and dear sis.

All the best, good luck, be safe whilst the conference trip to Madrid oh my dear sis. =P

I’ll be awaiting for awesome videos XD


So you probably figured out this function (I mean the view full post thingy). Lol. One of the reasons to use WordPress over Blogger.  Provided if you can live long enough without skin customisations and stuffs.

Anyway back to topic.

Now Playing — Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (The Heart Sutra) 般若心経

Lol “Open To Change” is the theme used by MSCOSCONF09′. So do I. I mean, cmon’, I had a look, and yeah, that’s a total unexpected view for me. I’m seriously very impressed. (Non OSCONF related) So yeah, so do I. I must. Lol.

I think I should be proud lol.

Tuckie complain to me that COABH is flooded by newfags cos people didn’t reply to his post. I’m like = =”

Dang la gotta learn C for CUDA programming… hopefully can do it within this 2 months. Meh. I can’t apply for the MSC KDI. =\ Cos I don’t have a diplomma, and I’d not graduate yet.

While pictures might be interesting and appealing, I still prefer to type. Too lazy to upload photos lol.

Can’t show photos cos phone battery died, no USB cable, no power cable. Sigh.

Will do once I manage to get it done.

Hunny bunny where are you~



One Response to “Goodluck =)”

  1. WindRunner Says:

    Thanks! Lucky u didn’t say partner-in-crime hehe. Think there will be more pix than vids..^^

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