Rawr =D


I iz finished MSCOSCONF09! Yay I can finally type the acronym xDXD Really man these 4 days been a real killer, lots of stuff happened, learned, seen, and whatever you call it.

First things first, one word for MSCOSCONF — AWESOME.

Second, KTAR girls are… hawt xD Ok la, I mean there are a lot of girls, as if suddenly all guys deceased from this world (exaggerating). But yeah, you catch the drift. Nice figures walking around. Meh, can’t they be around areas with palm trees D= *rant*

Third, I should really really brng my charger next time -_- phone almost died for a few days, and yea no more credit too so quite a few times I almost got into trouble because of that. Then ah my stupid touch and go cannot reload ffs so I think I gotta either call them or go down to KL Sentral and settle my card. Geez, talk bout technology when something malfunctions.

Forth, there are 3 tracks for the convention itself, executive download, developer track, and community track. I went for all three, meaning skipping rooms and see which one interest / benefits me the most at this time. Gotten quite a few namecards, 2 from MSC. Met quite a few CEOs on the way in which I was like damn you guys so old dy xD nyahahhahaha but then they own companies, yada yada yada, and lalala, so yeah I was liek .__.

To sum up la, Google workers that came to the conference and gave interesting speech, esp. Anthony Baxter when he mentioned about “Say no to bulletpoint slides”, I totally agree. However, I’m not sure how my lecturers will agree to that tho lol. MYCERT guys, theirpresentations are very interesting cos it’s about OS security muahahhaha BOTNETS too. *drool* Too bad he didn’t really say how to DDoS. /_\ nuuu

Harish Pillay from Red Hat, Singapore, interesting speaker as well, along with the others (too lazy to mention lol). But yeah, most of the talks are inresting, some are boring. Tho today’s one is like lol and make me go “Lol typical Malaysians XD” cos people asked about the broadband speeds, why is it so sucky, and in regards to teh ‘High Speed Broadband’ the fella said to be implemented in near future, which sums up to 11billion+- (reciting from memory I might be wrong) Interesting talk, and Ryaz Patel (Intel) is there as well. I  missed Gen Kanai’s Talk! T_T Gen Kanai is the Director of Marketing for Mozilla Japan.

I’ll skip the speaker details.

So yeah where was I.

Learned a lot from this conference. Gained quite a lot of knowledge in regards to OS and conference wise lol. I was pretty lost when I saw the rooms. Manhattan II la, then suddenly got Bronx 5 and 6 one. -_- Coffee breaks timing off, I really not used to it until the last 2 days lol. Abit too late you can say.

I manage to get quite a few distro CDs, while some forumer claimed that he got T-Shirts. Damn you whoever that is xD Haha. I bought the shirt for rememblance. I should have bought it a day later as they -Rm5 from the original price *grr*

So, VMWare is a good friend, am really gonna pick up on PHP.

Oh yeah I won a pendrive using… secret… shhhhh. Lol. I was pissed when the speaker picked that malay dude when I raised my hand first to answer. If not I would have gotten 2 pendrives grrr. Lol. Pardon me.

SQL injections… I’d been playing with that when most of the guys there are still thinking how to do. Cheh. Tho there are quite  a few knowledgable ones there la, in which one knows how to use PHP to exploit the RFI. I was like waa no wonder lol. GGWP indeed.

I better take my bath, and havin tummy ache. Bye bye sunway I won’t be going there anymore. Lol.

Till next time.

eXP. Open Source is FTW.


2 Responses to “Rawr =D”

  1. Gen Kanai Says:

    “I missed Gen Kanai’s Talk!”

    I’m sorry you missed my talk but my presentations are here for download in OpenOffice or PDF:


  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    OMG hey Gen thanks! Very much appreciated!

    p/s — High quality mozilla stickers you gave out *2 thumbs*

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