Greetings from the land of Milk and Sheep


Hoy there!! its been a long time since i’ve posted ‘ere! Hoho, the land is fresh, the air is  friggin’ cold… and I am loving this life. The scope for IT and Comp. Sci. Grads are great here. You have to look carefully at where you want to go and what type of criteria you fit. and are good sites to look at. look for jobs that are suitable and don’t be shy to call that number! This advice applies for Australia too! There are tonnes of websites that offer various job options but do try first!

Maybe I should post a collection of the links that i have amassed over the years…

till then, Sayonara!


One Response to “Greetings from the land of Milk and Sheep”

  1. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    The title, upon loading this page after a 4day-tiring-but-awesome convention really freaked me out lor. As if I thought that I’d loaded a wrong blog lolz.

    Anyway, thanks, I guess it’ll be a while till I use those. Much appreciated bro.

    Catch you soon, get that lottery ticket and fly back ya! =D


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