So yeah, after exams. What’s next?

I wanted to start blogging 30mins ago… then again facebook quiz is fun sometimes so yea xD

Now I’m in the Blue Building in front of the faculty office surfing the internet. Fast. ❤ No ppl, nice aircond. Just nice. ❤ Cannot go to Garena tho xD


*yawns* tired. Anyway here’s a followup after exams.

So what had I done to keep myself survive for exams:

  1. Sleep 3~4 hours a day (during the first few subjects something keeps popping into my mind causing me to be insomnia). But later after that got used to it, and maximised productivity, use it for studies. (LAST minute studies LOL).
  2. Vietnamese noodle. Like hell I can survive the mornings without them.
  3. 3 Redbulls (for the first 3 subjects).
  4. Ice Water (after the first 3 subjects, I’d decided not to damage my sperm factory on the long run lol)
  5. Downstairs, cooling, got table, moved my chair downstairs too, and it’s still there xD
  6. Ever faithful laptop, deceased Vista. Thank god it died after exams, I resurrected it when it failed me during exams.
  7. Late night mamak sessions… (which means I need exercise damnit)
  8. Nescafe Original — the tin drink, ah yea that’s for the last 2 paper =D

That’s about it. =3 and sms-es with Bunny ❤

Some sessions too, DotA, CoD4, World of Goo (after I deleted my COD during the last 2 papers xD).

Yeah, I deleted my COD4 for exams, DotA I can keep cos I will only play if silverhawk is hosting so… D=

Rawr, exam’s over. Waiting for the best to happen. Research starting soon, it’s gonna bore the hell out of me I guess. Summore CUDA, gotta learn a new language, and it’s mentioned to be same as C. GGWP. I need to master php as well on the way, gah.

So no more interns, due to certain circumstances, and I believe not to attempt what’s being told LOL. My sis and Anna should know what I’m talking bout xD Anyway, due to the fact that the hse owner changed, I might attempt fate, and say screw you I’m movin out if you don’t decrease my room price. D= Rawr. Afterall, what can happen? *shrug*

So, stuck in campus, research, after that might be heading to Medan (hopefully everything goes well, had never been to Indonesia yet).

Erm, recently I have a meeting regarding the research and… 5 ppl only? GG la.

After that had a quite long chat with my sis. Lol =P Erm. I got a few slaps la, but yeah. Lol. Wake up call, as I always say. Went back that day, and ended up pretty tired. D=

Last night class BBQ was… ok. Go there eat, play ps2 till got blister, and DotA ❤ muahahahahah. Damn la. Too bad Brian dunno how to play DotA as good as him playing EotA. If not sure ggwp. That is first game was good, 2nd game I made mistakes. D= Damn hahahah.

I still haven’t pay… I forgot xD

1 hour later I’ll be heading down to Wangsa.. Yy here I come~

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference tomorrow… hopefully it’ a good one =3 Learn smtg new too.

Rawr. Looking forward to the best possibilities available =3

eXP out. You’re going UK next year I forgot xD


One Response to “Lol.”

  1. steph Says:

    whose ”bunny” huh???????????????????? 😛

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