Yea that’s the nick I used for ingame COD4 in GArena Malaysia room lolz. Well I noticed that my skills are not bad, quite good compared to a lot of people, but surely there are people better than me, one major reason being they put more time and effort into the game, like my housemate = =, so yeah….

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Oops, I did it again! 3 hours of sleep, chiong to exam. Not that I purposely sleep late, and go to the exam hall feeling half-assed asleep, but I just can’t go to sleep. Partly was because that my biological clock is screwed up, my fault really.

Random note — This is the verse that’s looping in my mind

Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall
You don’t have to tell me whos the biggest fool of all

I have a lot of stuffs to do, to plan, to attend. Let’s see, from the looks of it, after exams gonna be real hectic. Depending on my luck, if I don’t get any internships or part time, I’ll be stuck in UNiM for 3 months for research anyway… CUDA. Well not to say that it’s not good, but… I think I have better offers… or as the conventional saying goes “I deserve better”.

Speaking of which, have you ever felt in such a way that you’re curious to read about something you feel bad about, and start contemplating after reading it? I mean, be honest, somewhere down the line you will. I hate to read between the lines, because sometimes, that’s what I can see, and I forego all of the major details, which is bad, somehow. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to assume how things would have gone, but, I just can’t help it. So, it’s like, guessing on what other people have in mind. Not that I like doing that, or if I do so, I somehow manage to tap in, a bit, if not all, but I’m as sure as hell not any Tom, Dick, and Harry will be able to do it.

A lot has changed for the past few months. A lot. Major revamping, in every aspect you can think of. Some are good, some are degrading, and some are just stagnant (my rubiks and cards). But yeah, I always spend a lot of time thinking on why and how did that happen.

Sometimes it just makes you feel that it’s epic, and sometimes it just makes you put a knife at your wrist. Of course, figure of speech, but you get the idea.

After these few months, I managed to understand quite a lot of things, and quite a number of questions still remain unsolved. Well, I can try… but it’s gonna make me go down the spiral. Either way, it always comes back to the fact that, I still hold onto it.

Likewise for my group project. Bahhhh. Lol.

*heaves a sigh*

My friend Nathaniel is going for overseas… study in HK University with scholarship. Congrats dude, congrats. I am envious to a certain degree heh =P But yeah, I should really appreciate what I have 😉

Also, while I’m at it, I think I got myself a new ‘sis’. Rofl. Hahahhaha XD Well, that conversation sprouted out a brief discussion about astrology, and being me, I tangan gatal before exam that day, so I go install the software again, and generate a 3 month status. I look at the date, the description, I feel like cursing. Like wtf. I don’t want to trust what it says, but it’s exactly what that’s happened / happening. A lot of people say it’s superstitious-lah, absurd-lah, need not believe-lah, whateveryoucanthinkof-lah, but… tell me la.

So… I won’t be surprised on how it’s going on now. Kinda like expected. If I put it in a way that I ‘wished’ for it. Lol.

Still, the previous two months, I haven’t even had a single frown, probably a day or two when I PMS LOL XD But yeah, it’s like the closest thing to heaven on earth. I can say I am lucky to be able to been through that.

Regardless, of all the stuffs that happened, life is a major lesson afterall. Not that I will deny that I don’t have sour grapes for it, but yeah, I guess that’s how things work. As per said, curiosity kills the cat, but I wonder why it doesn’t kill Einstein lol.

Just hopefully I am able to persevere until… this coming September. Year 3, final lap. Who knows what’s coming up, so all the best for it.

If you so happen to be a frequent reader of my blog, I think you would understand what my post trully means (of course, it’s almost impossible, but you would have a rough idea).

The thing left with me is, I’m too hooked on. I need something, or someone to unhook me. Enough said. Probably, it’ll end up in another new chapter entirely, I hope it’s new, rather than going back, using liquid paper or some shit to paste back whatever links that are to be forwarded.

New chapter eh. Lol.

Oh yeah, anyone attending the Malaysian OpenSource Convention in Berjaya Times Square? Lol.

Last words, I hope I understand it enough. I do not want to make any assumptions, but hell, it’s hard to predict anyway.

Just a simple rant, why can’t humans just make everything simple? Keep it simple, stupid.

eXP teh nightbunny.


2 Responses to “SaturdayDreamer”

  1. WindRunner Says:

    Yeah and be good! U know which paragraph I’m referring to. 😉

    Make sure u rejuvenate urself during the break so it’ll be a full tank when u run the final lap..banzai!

  2. thejuggernaut Says:

    tell minorin i love her in July.. T-T

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