What If?


— I will know that you are no dreamer~

I wonder. A lot of times. Is this the best? Is it that easy to change? Like turning your back to something just like that?

I don’t know.

Self doubt about mistakes isn’t really a good thing.

Anyway, exams coming soon, and after this post, I must study. Do my best.

Never try your best, because that is when you will fail of trying.

No Dell internship, only applicable for MMU Students. Bah.

Stuck in campus for 3 months then. Sien. Maybe, I’ll get something interesting while I’m at it. Hopefully get to learn some MVCs and controls (php). Hehe.

Oh well. See how it goes.


eXP. Oh yes. For those ignorant fools who think I know everything, you know nothing, and I need to know more. Lol. PWN.


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