Internet is very “the” slow.


Now Playing — Reira Starring Yuna Ito – Endless Story

Nice song. A crippled internet is like a crippled hand and leg for a computer science student. True story.

… and so, deadlines to catch, reports to finish, assignments to tapao. What can I say… lol.

… and yes, there’s a reason why they open the doors when they are in the room… things can turn out pretty… ‘brokeback’. *nods* But well, they’re cool. Being able to joke as such whilst working is what they call… relax? LOL.

Well, the only thing I can do… is to promise myself.


o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

edit  ~ Gotta love Firefox’s resume session when you pres F5 when submitting filled-in data. That’s how I preserve my blog posts most of the time, and data entry into sites, posts, etc.

+1 Firefox, -1 IE.

Nevertheless, IE8 is pretty kewl, despite tab launching is pretty slow sometimes. Minefield… sucks if you ask me lol. 64bit, so what? Safari… if you have the memory, it’s awesome, no plugins AFAIK. Chrome too, but a jackass housemate says it gives packet leak la etc bullshit a lot so I couldn’t care less now (oh he’s the internet line owner with his bloody name on the line when we paid fair and square and deserve every single drop of bandwidth).

Oh well. Ganbatte neh~! PokerAllStars~~~


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