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March 19, 2009

Ego… it never fails.
What are you looking for?


Updates… literally.

March 17, 2009

I got a mohawk kinda hairstyle with lines on the back. Ah, right side too.

My HDD died, 1 week in factory. No laptop.

Expected casuality — 3 years worth of work, music, por*cough* I mean other archives as well.



March 15, 2009

I swear if I can afford it:

1. Get a car. *so that I can say fu mofo*
2. Get a 24/7 internet 2MB updown.
3. Wear a dark glasses and says “oh lifeless idiot, kthxbai”


Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 as main OS *waves* FTW.

You give your hand to me~

March 10, 2009

“then you say Hello”~


I was reading something not so extravagant, but it turned my mood kinda to the opposite direction. Ok maybe partly it’s because of stewpig antz infesting my koko crunch near my bed.

Oh yea I have a grudge against the name antz before… now I remember. Lol. It’s been a year plus already. My w850i dying already.

I miss blogging. I really do. I miss a lot of stuffs.

As I said before, if it is real, I’m really gonna like “awwww… there goes.” Lol.

Really… really too bad I guess. *shrug* Never mind, chaos theory, best path pops up *prays hard*

Let’s just hope that the SSL is already kicking in, so that I can focus on integrating the GUI, game, and tapao documentation. Not forgetting to revise (4th week or 5th I forgot) leh. Ish.

I just love it when blood rush up to your brain, it’s not spasm but more like orgasm lol. It’s like throwing tons and tons of protein cans and redmeat to a lifter and he says give me moarrr. *lolx*

Poor Ivan. I really did not expect Stephanie to do something like that to him. Sigh *shakes head*

Woohoo. Ok la, shall stop here before my mood turns bad.

LL – I will be.

eXP signs off.