Did I Just Sighed?


Alright lets see:

1. Neurons fire last night when I was trying to fall asleep, in which I failed miserably every time it happens as I’ll be partly awake thinking of what struck my head. Tho I manage to figure out that 3×5 is what I had been doing, I have to change it to 5×5 (and ended up being a disabled, crippled person the next working day).
Read — I miss her

2. I need a squat rack
Read — Hit the gym

3. I need JSSE RMI Kerberos
Read — I need time to code

4. I have phobia for cold and high places
Read — Thinking twice of going to Fraser Hill this weekend, or going back to hometown, or screw both and do coding.

5. I have materials to read, and a lot to read.
Read — Haven’t done any revisions yet, don’t have ample time.

6. I have tons of games on queue
Read — Not gonna play any of them anytime soon (so much for Quek’s FF7, 8, 10, Hitman Bloodymoney)

7. I need a pair of windsurfing pants.
Read — Yeah.

8. I need to tell my parents free stuff ain’t everything
Read — Thanks to ZK, now I’m thinking twice of continuing extra 3 years (given if I have the opportunity or if I’m offered one)

9. I lazy pack my laptop now
Read — I’m procrastinating to pack my laptop to class lol



2 Responses to “Did I Just Sighed?”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    basshunter and tiesto in auckland in may WPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… this tiem i’ll be thar!!!!

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Oh shut up~ =D

    Good for you man, good for you. Lol.

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