Brain cramp. Can’t think.

Anyway, this made my day. Har Mee + Egg, and watch this:


“It’s too late for valentines~” <- lol’d

Blahhhh SSL really pain in the ass. Might try JAAS (I got the sample code working one, but it’s not a seperate client and server code just connecting back to it’s own, or I’m wrong wtf).

Gaaah UCPlay lag shit. GArena smooth. Basically my weekend is well used on codes, games, stoning. Since my arm is aching, I shall retire for the night. … and yeah, squat rack? Lol. I didn’t bother using it = =|||

Uninstalled ESS, installed Norton Anti Virus Gaming Edition, alongside with Norton AntiBot (I think this is a pure waste of time). Less resources, gotta admit Norton did a good job compared to last time. Installed new graphic drivers as well maybe test it again soon.

Yeah 4GB RAM in Vista 64bit does make a lot of difference. A LOT.

Hit the bar, walk the dog, and lead the pack.

It’s on.

p/s — and yes I dedicate that song to… lol.



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