Uh… huh.


It’s gonna be long. Yeap.

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So, the ‘most interesting night award’ goes to… yesternight. It’s 12:39 AM now anyway.

So when I walked back from campus, actually no la I took the bus as my legs were screaming in pain, and reached home. I saw Quek in his sports attire (it’s as rare as getting a rare card from a MVP) and he asked me if I wanted to jog. With my current condition, hell no, so I declined, and watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’, xD and rested for a while. Flatten out.

So yeah, he came back with a pissed face, god knows. We went out for dinner, Master Q (oh a mamak, cornershop, nice nasilemak ayam, and cheap) with Roey, and Wei Jun (XPS, yanno, Dell XPS Gaming Laptop? Yeah that XPS).

AS usual, aftermeal chats always kicks in without fail. Lol. Lalala till 9, then we left. That’s when the nightmare begins.

Quek noticed that his car keys aren’t with him. So we searched high and low for 2 hours (and waited for his mum to come with spare keys). He tried to call his friends (for more company, scared someone took his car keys, and might sabo the car later or just hijack-and-leave-us-behind-with-dust situation), XPS left his hp, Roey and I are different courses from that two. So in the end, we ended up sitting down in front of the wooden house, an ex-drug addict (Yeah, really) came to us and offered chairs, and mosquitto repellent (the circular greenthing lor). So from what that seems like an eternity, his mum came along with his uncle. Passed the keys, and they left the scene.

It doesn’t end there.

I tried calling Quek’s phone, failed, cannot get through, and the phone is not in his car. Like wtf. He called Roey in his car, I was there, I know he HAVE his phone with him, and he said he left it in the car. Searched around, and yeah he almost went beserk. Drove that two dudes home, and somehow when we reached Roey’s house in TTS5 he manage to call. Seconds later when I attempted yeah it went through. Quek saw a glimpse of hope and he and I went back to the scene. Mana tau go back cannot call ady. It shows that:

—  Someone took the keys, get into his car took his hp, and locked the car back as if nothing happened.

Well at least that’s how we see it. At least his car is not stolen.

*shrug* bad luck for him.

Tho he blamed it on the butterfly effect, in definition a slight change in something affects the great output (well I do agree, but to me it’s the snowball effect most of the time). Then yeah Murphy’s Law as well. He regretted jogging. Uh huh. =S

Anyway, he used my phone to call his mum after that. I’m cool with it lah of course, lolx.

For the greater good *nods*

So, yea I didn’t manage to code SSL for my poker project, but at least I reached home now, and blogging this post after a bath.


So the cost incurred for him: 1 new hp, memory card, car alarm system. Hmmm

Reminded me on how I lost my digital camera back then. Gosh. =\

Lesson learned, check your keys before and after you move.

Let’s jump back to the start.

Woke up way early in the morning. (uh huh, just to cook breakfast) and went to university. Went to the wrong class, and almost made a fool out of myself, but I retired gracefully, at least. Lol. Went to the class, the replacement lecturer is present teaching. Class ended early, and I’m yawning like mad. Went to the library for my group meeting, and I’m amazed at how am I capable of elaborating everything from a blank paper in my mind. =D Proud of myself. Wahhahaah (yeah, try elaborating the framework and basis of internet poker, with secure connection, layman)

At last, delegated the tasks, hopefully it will turn out well. It must, and it will be. We will make it happen. Poker baby!

So yeah, that’s why I need to read up these few days, and get that SSL thingy up and running. .___.|||

Meh. Lolz. It’s a fun project, but pretty tedious, considering the fact that the documentation comes with tonnes of marks as well… time frame to follow, end of sem, up and running, everything documented nicely, presentation, and individual report. Then other subjects leh? C++ to learn summore this sem (well doesn’t differ much from Java, at least the basics, don’t talk bout pointers have to read on that as I’m new to it).

So this sem is like, quite free but weird timetable (3~4 hours interval free time for classes likewtfbq), assignments, and assignments, and revisions. Speaking of revisions… lol.

I saw my ADS report. Nehhhh the one with the Vehicle Simulation one leh, the one I posted the screenshot one leh. Yeah traffic light thingy. Lol. 14/15. =D Well I spent 3 weeks on that freaking GUI anyway. Thank god my report is 7/8. Lol. I thought zero marks. Nice. But my marks for ‘the green paper with folded top corner on the right’ *catch the drift* it’s low la… at least I pass this subject la… and in case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t got my results slips yet. When I know I screwed up my last paper, it passed, I hope it does. XD Revision… 1 day… and yeah back then… well nvm. Anyway, something to be proud of, I manage to answer 1 of the answers correct, and I’m the only one in the class that is managed to do so =D =D =D Mr ZK said, “I’m impressed you got the answer correct, others all wrong”. I was like O_O *Yeshhhhhhhhhhh* it proves that what I noticed about the question is accurate nyahahhahaha >D worth my time arguing with coursemates after exams that day and I prove others wrong. Nyahahahha >D (ok let me express my gratitude towards myself for being able to focus at the end of the exam despite all the shit stuffs that’s been thrown into my face, yes.)

I dunno lah, well if I can’t maintain, gg. Gone case. Epic fail. In short, any subject lower than 60 = epicfailure > 9000

Let’s see if I have other subjects being able to pull my average up. Having that said, early revision kicks in. Books borrowed from library. Photostating. Reading. Doing. Coding. Thinking. Relax a bit, exercise. Man. =D It’s tough.

Still, I’ll savour it regardless. 3 years man and a half already man, 1 more year to go. Blink of an eye.

Yes Anna, if the 2 of Hearts that appear in the ziplockbag isn’t mind boggling, I don’t know what will xD

Damn my legs hurt. I need rest.

So yeah, that’s about it for today. Bring it on, now where’s my Desert Eagle lol~

p/s damn you Corny get a new PSP and PSIII… = =|||



One Response to “Uh… huh.”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    Aiyo kawan, better keep up the hard and smart work leh…. my thoughts are with everyone.

    oh and may the bugger who stole Quek’s hp hits head on the side of a tofu and die!

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