The Sunbeams They Scatter


Now Playing — Yiruma – The Sunbeams They Scatter

Slept at almost 3AM in the morning, I woke up at 5:30 AM in the morning, washed up, and breathe the fresh air. It’s cold and dark outside. Refreshing. I dragged my tired body and took a shower. Even though I had a workout (somehow) yesterday which was very taxing, I was not expecting this but might as well it couldn’t be that bad afterall.

So as I dressed up and went downstairs, unlocked the door, and waited outside, an sms came. Told her the direction to my house, and waited a few minutes, so I decided to grab my deck of cards in my room, and take a leak as well. And a few gulps of orange yoghurt as my quickie. God forbid my bananas rotten ady. It was ok yesterday. Eww.

Then 2 cars raided the scene, but before that there’s a saga that came with loud music. You heard me, it’s the Indian guards that always drop by the house beside mine. Pioneer punya assignment.

I then greeted the gang, and boarded the car, and fled to Broga Hill.


… and there I was with a bunch of adults. Lolx.

__mill grabbed my torchlight, and we went up the hill. 6:30 AM up, and then reach the first summit at 7:20 AM when the others are still far lagging behind (yea literally jetlag). There’s quite a lot of people over there surprisingly early in the morning as well. One big bunch of chinese fellas, then a few guys with bigass DSLRs (Guess what Nikons and Sony Alpha…) oh ya I did see a lense as long as my big bottle I brought up there (Not L lenses as it’s not grey). Forgot the measurements for it *shrugs oh well I’ll have to work for it*

I don’t know about them, but I did try to mix around after that. I am not sure if they noticed the sunrise (duh), I know I did. It’s the most beautiful thing I saw. Second time. First time was in Gunung Ledang, but it’s not as beautiful as this.

Moments before it came out, protruding rays of light, the sunbeams, they scatter.

Nice. But it’s not meant to last as moments go away with memories or somewhat (Got that from How I Met Your Mother).

But yeah, 2nd sunrise. =D I’d seen sunrise, sunset, so I guess I’m left with the moon and the pure black sky with stars.

Anyway, it’s freaking tiring, and we manage to make it to the 3rd summit, only 4 people went for the last one tho. I don’t really remember their names as I just woke up when Rini introduced them to me. Oh FYI Rini = __mill.

By the time I’m writing this, I’m already back, tired, flatten out, and posting this. Lol.

When it gets hot, we climbed down. Nice scenery, the field, the burnt grass (not being sarcastic), the rocks which make me bleed (lol), and the mud that dirtied my shoes (I have to wash them ahh) but all in all, nice one. There’s even rope climbing lol. Not extreme one la. But it’s very challenging for me to go up there with my shoe. No spike shoes, so just grab the best one available.

Guess all of my hard work paid up. Haha.

Still, it’s a good one.

Yes __mill I am shy towards the camera. LOL. *cough* 2 guys did Computer Sc as well. Ahah. I never knew fresh graduate for a degree holder can earn that much. O_O Beyond my expectations, but yeah. So I gotta look forward to it, in a way that I need to master the art of fishing companies. xD

Or so I thought.

Finally, I’d been to Broga Hill. =D I snapped a few photos, but they are dark, heavy noised, and can barely see anything. ut I guarantee you 6am in the morning when you’re up there, and you look at TTS and University, it’s quite nice actually. Considering the fact that I’d seen something nicer (and definitely others have as well), this might be normal, yes, but hell, it looks nice to me.

They say you can actually see KLCC from here, but I didn’t notice anything. Haha.

When we came down, they fetched me back to my house. As a token of appreciation I performed to them. I screwed up one trick, but they seemed amazed as well. xD So I guess it’s all good in the end =D

Guess I’ll rest for a while, bathe, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I feel good doing it.



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