Now Playing — Leona Lewis – L.O.V.E. U

I forgot I downloaded that album and haven’t touch it yet >D Ah yeah, lesson learned. Very ‘the’ big one in fact. Never use facebook when your internet connection is crippled due to the fact that the internet line owner is downloading as well. Lol.

Sistem tapisan diaktifkan.

It’s gonna be real challenge. Let’s see. MC out of the blue in clas told me, “Intrusion detection, interesting, I did research on it already, *nods and smiles*”

Me: *deep inside, wow cool. No, no no no no, wait… oh shi-

You know why? I was random-ing to him that time when I was talking bout my final year dissertation. Lolz. Mana tau he really go and read it up. Screwed screwed screwed. Intrusion detection is like so freaking hard, and undoubtedly interesting. Michael’s fren gotta outsource I’m like wtf… what can i come out with, some random Java exe that logs Intrusion? LOL. = =|||

CMP lecturer is cool. I like his style. First class ady give us questions to answer as questionnaire. Now I’m trying hard to figure his personal site for notes. XD I forgot omggggg. CON, Mr CZK not here. So yah, no class. IVG, sad news from Mr Ho. I respect him a lot as well. Hope everything is well for his inconvenience lah.

OBJ… today lo. MC. Lol. Late. = =

SE, CCN, AIM, not yet.

So yeah.

GRP project, Internet Poker with Kerberos encryption technology (API Java based), Texas Hold ‘Em, JDBC (most likely la ODBC sucks), my laptop XD

Let’s hope my group members and I can come out something cool.

I love ‘flow’. Niceeeeee =D

Just when I thought I have a slight time to finish up my materials (pdf, movies, songs, games), it’s the opposite. Well, depends on how you look at it, but what are the odds… I ain’t taking no risk, Year 2 man. Year 1 not counted so this is now-or-never-thingy-again-like-last-time.

Yeah now or never I took it from ‘him’. That him la. Jeevan, the one that clamp your car la.

So getting drunk this semester will definitely help a lot… that is if the booze arrives by then XD

Muahhahah. Never try before.

And yeah wtf 2 year old kid smoking already. – –

This world is filled with weird stuffs. As it is there’s Starcraft class wtf. http://www.tomsguide.com/us/StarCraft-Blizzard-Education-berkeley-class,news-3389.html

Munchys FTW. Next week Friday results comin’ out. Maths ok apparently according to MC. ADS die, IWS below average. GG. GG. GG.

What a hell of a way to start a new year.



2 Responses to “@@”

  1. Steph Says:

    what’s >D?? so ugly

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    What ugly? o_O

    You tilt your head to your left and look at it la. Lol

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