25 Things Meme


Well just for fun.

1. Listening to 이루마 / Yiruma Feat. 계희정 – 봄의 왈츠(Spring Waltz) [String Version] in Winamp with my headphones in which I’m mellowing right now.

2. There’s one thing that I did not regret is I was born with loving parents.

3. I have lost the feeling for ‘home sweet home’.

4. I am so lost in life.

5. I am fluctuating in the midst of my education.

6. I do not know how to love myself.

7. I can see what other people cannot see, I can’t see what other people can see.

8. What you never been through exactly doesn’t mean that you do not understand how it feels.

9. Get my ass off the chair and hit the lake.

10. Able to get over and done with.

11. Able to solve rubiks below 40 seconds.

12. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

13. What doesn’t hurt you makes you weaker.

14. There’s no actual reason for you to trip and fall sometimes.

15. I hate sleeping with a guy beside me.

16. I miss… my seniors.

17. When all you can do is ponder… for once you would feel like not pondering at all.

18. I never knew I really like Tsundere lol

19. I never knew that feelings can proliferate to that extend.

20. My roommate is a bloody stalker which reads what I am typing now >D

21. Just when you wish everything didn’t happened / turn back time, will you have a tingling sense of regret if it really happened?

22. As far as human’s can read and see, so exist the feelings for thee.

23. Having surges of memories / thoughts 5am in the morning is not a good sleeping pill. loll.

24. Would you believe that it’s real if you can’t see it, can’t touch it, can’t grasp it?

25. If you believe I did this for fun, would you do the same?


2 Responses to “25 Things Meme”

  1. weroth Says:

    Tsun~ Tsun~ Dere~ Tsun~ Dere~ Tsun~

  2. thejuggernaut Says:


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