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The nonchalant smirk

February 27, 2009

Life’s changed a lot.

Now I just hope that I can travel back safely back to my hometown tomorrow.

It’s gambling with luck, so yeah, all the best to me.

Updates? If I manage to reach home, or rather when I reach home.



Wiseman is Wise

February 20, 2009

“Money is important but not everlasting. Earned today, spent tomorrow.
Your reputation follows you to & beyond your grave.”

sUBs current signature, LYN.

Did I Just Sighed?

February 18, 2009

Alright lets see:

1. Neurons fire last night when I was trying to fall asleep, in which I failed miserably every time it happens as I’ll be partly awake thinking of what struck my head. Tho I manage to figure out that 3×5 is what I had been doing, I have to change it to 5×5 (and ended up being a disabled, crippled person the next working day).
Read — I miss her

2. I need a squat rack
Read — Hit the gym

3. I need JSSE RMI Kerberos
Read — I need time to code

4. I have phobia for cold and high places
Read — Thinking twice of going to Fraser Hill this weekend, or going back to hometown, or screw both and do coding.

5. I have materials to read, and a lot to read.
Read — Haven’t done any revisions yet, don’t have ample time.

6. I have tons of games on queue
Read — Not gonna play any of them anytime soon (so much for Quek’s FF7, 8, 10, Hitman Bloodymoney)

7. I need a pair of windsurfing pants.
Read — Yeah.

8. I need to tell my parents free stuff ain’t everything
Read — Thanks to ZK, now I’m thinking twice of continuing extra 3 years (given if I have the opportunity or if I’m offered one)

9. I lazy pack my laptop now
Read — I’m procrastinating to pack my laptop to class lol


February 16, 2009

Brain cramp. Can’t think.

Anyway, this made my day. Har Mee + Egg, and watch this:


“It’s too late for valentines~” <- lol’d

Blahhhh SSL really pain in the ass. Might try JAAS (I got the sample code working one, but it’s not a seperate client and server code just connecting back to it’s own, or I’m wrong wtf).

Gaaah UCPlay lag shit. GArena smooth. Basically my weekend is well used on codes, games, stoning. Since my arm is aching, I shall retire for the night. … and yeah, squat rack? Lol. I didn’t bother using it = =|||

Uninstalled ESS, installed Norton Anti Virus Gaming Edition, alongside with Norton AntiBot (I think this is a pure waste of time). Less resources, gotta admit Norton did a good job compared to last time. Installed new graphic drivers as well maybe test it again soon.

Yeah 4GB RAM in Vista 64bit does make a lot of difference. A LOT.

Hit the bar, walk the dog, and lead the pack.

It’s on.

p/s — and yes I dedicate that song to… lol.


Kyaaa Yattaa

February 14, 2009


I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

I hate churning codes.

end of infinity.

Geez. It’s inevitable. I have to deal with it later after dinner. Sheesh >_>

I wonder how many suites I have to implement for SSL. @@

*sings out loud*

Teamwork ish FTW! Finally have a decent game. *oops*


Divide 7 by half

February 14, 2009

Yeah if you don’t fail in math, you’ll get the answer. Lolz.

Happy Valentines to all.

Anyway, I came back from a long day. Due to the fact that trading in my phone is well not worth it (IMO), fixing it will be quite costly (call me miser), I’d decided to live with it. XD

Today (hours later when I wake up), SSL baby.

No bars just now… Never got any messages from Keval and other guys. Meh no JJ’s at night.

No roadtrip today, someone called it off.

Ah yeah, that never worked out as well.

But I finished Season 2 for “How I Met Your Mother” xD

Sometimes the best things are shown in TV Series. Lolx.

Alright, time to sleep.

Yeap, I’ll be expecting to wake up early, breakfast, crunches, 5×5 maybe, core training, supper. I’ll see how it goes, I want to see how much I can achieve. Provided the adequate resource of getting the food, and time.

Wish me luck.


Nuuuuu~ >w<

February 13, 2009

Viruz u called it off omgomgomg okeh I’ll be stucked after Black Friday 13th.

.  me : ryan. (B) “i’m a .ta freak” says:
was freaking blur, then i slowly learn
.  me : ryan. (B) “i’m a .ta freak” says:
can consider this is my 1st time in a relationship:|

Aku sembah, ampun tuanku beribu ribu ampun.

Uh… huh.

February 13, 2009

It’s gonna be long. Yeap.

Now Playing — Sheryl Nome starring May’n – Macross Frontier – Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse

So, the ‘most interesting night award’ goes to… yesternight. It’s 12:39 AM now anyway.



February 11, 2009

I stepped out, in a heartbeat, I turned back.

I literally tilted 180 degrees.


I took the longest inefficient way. I ‘left right left right’-ed my way to the corner.

Yeah, my legs did the walking, not me.

That was the longest walk back just now. I guess something is wrong with my re-wiring. As if I was strucked and Code Red was issued in my brain. Epic phail.

Oh yeah I could have really went to the lab and printed out my timetable. = = zzz

Guess my brain is dead for the rest of the day.

Scribbled by eXP.

Kyaaaa >_<

February 11, 2009

Waking up like 7:40AM, reading Java Overview API is bloody depressing. >=(