Uh… huh.


Dream (Bi-mong) 2008.

I watched what I downloaded a few weeks ago before exam, and somehow there’s a tiny sense of regret. Lol. The last 30minutes made me feel like 30days and I want it to be over. Lol. Afterall come to think of it the ending is not THAT bad…

It’s still bad.


I forgot the fact that Korean people are pretty much uber melancholic when it comes to Korean movies. I wonder why I downloaded it at the first place. Lol.

Probably because I’m attracted to it. Reading tuckie’s blog after this movie isn’t helping at all.

See this

Fuck you.
I hope you burn in hell.
I hope your dick will get chopped off in hell.
I hope your parents will die the next day.
I hope your children will marry some mch drug addict so that they can live a life like you.
I hope you cant control your lust and fuck your daughter in future.
I hope your wife cant control her lust and fuck your son in future.
I hope your mom and dad will die of AIDS tonight.
I hope you’ll get infected and suffer rest of your life.
I hope your mom will perform a blowjob for you before she dies.
I hope your dad will perform an anal for you before he dies.
I hope your dick will get shorter day by day.
I hope your pubic hair will drop every single day.
I hope your wife will fucking bite your dick when she’s performing a blowjob for you.
I hope your wife will look for another man as your dick gets shorter day by day.
And yea, Malays are being hated cause of people like you exist.
I dont know why your Allah bring you here.
You fucking spoil the peace of the whole world.

Thank You

Poor dude. He got robbed in Port Dickson with a girl 3AM in the morning. Brightly lit, and you can’t fight the power of parangs.

So, life isn’t that bad after all.



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