Ahah, something to look forward to


Like finally. Lol =D

Well, it’s a new semester. Which means, no time to slack, gotta finish G52GRP (oh god don’t remind me), choose my subjects, study my ass off, maybe head on to the swimming pool to drown myself as a request from my dad, use angpao money which is just 2 angpaos this year to get a 1T HDD maybe, or a 4GB RAM for my faithful lappie Vostro™ and a 4GB SDMMC for Vista Superfetch =D

Well who knows what the future brings anyway… =D

If that can happen, anything can happen.

Oh yeah, please tell me you’re not reading this, as, I really don’t know that you’re 1988… *don’t kill me please*

So, all these while back then, when I was with the guys back in TTS2 clearing our hearts out, that was the best moment. Erm, okay, maybe Jon will know about it. Oh shi- Meeting you in hometown’s general hospital was a shock. *cough* Was never expecting that.

Guess I got used to the age factor… LOL. *ahem* well mixing with a bunch of old hags helps XD (*Jeevan, don’t kill me*). Kwang can’t kill me as I’m his personal computer technician XD Muahhaha (who knows he found a new one which is his co-worker and I’m screwed >D oh well~)

Ahah, try guessing what played from my Winamp… heh. It’s like, the more you use something, the better you know it, and subconsciously you’re drawn closer to it. Also, there’s like a line between you and it, which syncronises perfectly, or rather most of the time.

Lalalala is find my lalalalala~

Well I was talking to someone from a magic society *coughitsobviouscough* and apparently he gave me DM’s stuff for free since he’s happy. =O Tadaa, free stuff to dl. Then moments later while I’m DotA-ing (don’t ask, I should be CoD-ing xD) I check back at my msn (don’t ask too I haven’t change some settings) he left me a message saying Rapidshare Premium Account username xxxx password xxxx. Next sentence, have fun and *offline*.

So yeah, I dropped my jaw. Nice gift, at the wrong time. My line is… capped. To the sense that I get what I pay for, which is slow speeds. >D Oh well I think I can utilise it sometime somewhere else.

Someday someday~

Reminds me of Nickelback.

Oh let me try something cool. BRB *takes phone*

While transfering…

I miss Gunbound… rofl. Ok I ran out of words.

Apparently, my deck (the-one-that-fell-on-the-floor in-the-mamak-stall with-other-people’s-sweat dust-oil-deadcards-whatever) with fanning powder (lol), still can fan… nicely summore. I can’t do that on a brand new deck of cards. Gay. No, imba.

Yeah... as good as it can be, a magicians fan

Yeah... as good as it can be, a magician's fan

To me it looks very nice la. Others can do better la. And others might think that this is ugly too. Lol.

… and I present you, floating RM10 =D

Yeah I used superglue and a fan. =D

Yeah I used superglue and a fan. =D

If only it’s an animated GIF… LOL. Too lazy. No point also.

Alright, till next tiem D=

“Move your body and the heart will follow” — New felton sealed bottle untouched non-gimmicked. *pun intended*

So, if I trust my hips, swing to the music, I get high? >D

Like him…

I so dont believe that this is Tom Cruise man...

I so don't believe that this is Tom Cruise man...

Tropic Thunder FTW.

Ip Man FTW too.



2 Responses to “Ahah, something to look forward to”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Its THRUST man.. THRUST!!! and oi….. we are not old hags…. just you wait… ahhahahaahah you gonna get so high when i come back man….

  2. Nickelback - Dark Horse new album Says:

    dark horse Next Go Round Lyrics…

    Nickelback – Dark Horse is the sixth disc by Canadian rock band Nickelback, released on November 18, 2008. The album was co-produced by the band and Grammy Award-winning producer Robert John……

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