[Tutorial] How to fix missing icon at taskbar


Well, this is my personal encounter, so yeah.

Back then that day I forgot what on earth happened, but when I wanna watch some random movies in my archive (oh trust me it’s not grand lol), I never fail to notice the missing ol’ ye faithful volume icon at the taskbar. Stop! If you don’t get it, look below, there *points*:

Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D
Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D

Yeah, that volume icon. I love Vista’s new volume functions compared to XP. I don’t know why but it takes sometime to get used to it, after the XP-Vista phase shift, but yeah I like the way that you can control various volume levels for various applications simultaneously.

Something went wrong somewhere, and poof it’s gone. I was frustrated. I went to the control panel, hoping to find the “show icon” function, and failed miserably. Recollecting my memory to which where the function was located back in XP, and it’s not there. I was like, screw it I’ll do it the hard way (since in Vista you can change the main volume provided that you have to access the Playback Devices > Speakers / Headphones > Properties > Volume Level. Pain in the ass, indeed.

A few days later, which was a few hours ago, I felt the randomness in me, and I decided to Google for a solution (always do… haha) Aha, smart Vista. Apparently from what I read, it’s a Vista problem, Vista users will have the chance to face it (it’s not a very troublesome thing but yeah) if you’re ‘lucky’. Microsoft is apparently noted of the problem and hopefully Windows 7 will get it of it (which I highly doubt since it’s still in process).

… and now I present you the epic solution to the problem (not-normal users friendly):

  1. Run “regedit” (Registry Editor)
  2. Find “iconstreams
  3. Delete all registry keys with names “IconStreams” and
    PastIconStreams” until “iconstreams” can no longer be found in the
  4. Restart Windows Vista
  5. Enable the missing icon using the usual method

In which, the path for my Vista Ultimate 64bit, is the following (note: might differ for machines)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

I deleted it, finish up all of my work, restart, and voila it still haven’t show up. No worries all you have to do, go to your taskbar, right click, click on Properties. Then head to Notification Area > Click on the one you want to show.

Oh yeah, this is the screenshot of a disabled function (which causes the icon(s) to disappear):

Note the disabled selection. =(
Note the disabled selection. >=(

I was like… wth?

Don’t worry, it’s M$ Windows. Lol. *burppppp*

… and no I don’t get paid for doing that. Have fun!


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