503 Service Unavailable


Uh huh. So much for staying up late for it. >_>

Oh well.

Ah, nice 404 pages. Kewl.



I was downloading crackware (lulz), and yeah it bit me. =( Ok, nothing happened to me, but it’s bad enough as I thought I was capable of feeling that something is wrong, which I did, but I do not count the fact that I can’t stop native calls from the software itself. = =

To make what I said just make sense, imagine an installer which explicitly calls the virus file. Tell me how are you gonna stop that, when you did not see it coming, and your AV resident shield is not reacting to it (Oh yeah my ESS says it’s clean wth).

With fast eyes, and spontaneous reaction, I searched for the damn file, and found it. nod64.exe I was like isn’t that nod32… w-w-w-wait a sec.


So yeah, I uploaded it there, and the results are positive. Kind of.

Result: 8/39 (20.51%)

8 AVs (even AVG and Trend Micro responded to the malware wth) detected it.

Oh well. Since I downloaded Norton Gaming Edition might as well try it soon >D

So moral of the story, even though you have good sense of noticing malware, you must have a good sense on removing it on the spot as well.

Ah yeah I did forget to mention that my beloved Windows Vista Data Execution Prevention stopped the damn thing from running? =D I love Vista man.

Ahah, one point for Vista. =D

Which reminds me after talking to Hui Joo, I dunno what is my elective subject for my next sem. Oh shi- = =||||

Gotta check.

Year 2 second sem. Times flies. 3 years and a half man. It feels like a school to me.

Well, a more diversified one. Lol.

Ahh… found you. As expected. There’s a catch to everything. Sigh.

Yirumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ❤ ❤ ❤

Ok la, shall keep it short. No point draggingggggggggggggggggggggg on and on.

Afterall, I’ll have a hard time reading each and every single post of mine a few years down the road when I want to do a review on the past and present. Lol.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t see things when you’re supposed to see it and a big tight smack on the face is what you get when you notice it a bit too late (maybe like a few years down the road)?

Uh huh… happened to me quite a lot of times. =\ Lol.

Oh well.


*oh ya, internet rite… to me it’s all the shit that happens. Lol.



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