3:33 AM


I am emo-ing.

Before proceeding, what you’re about to read is pure stereotypical view from the author with his emotional remarks, crude replies, sidetracked thinking, irrelevant facts, /a/non delivers, flamebait material, and pure rant.

Read at your own risk.

Oh damn you clicked.


I just came back from a local CC. Well you know after teh-tarik session, guys will head to cc (not all, but well at least my friends) so yeah I headed to cc as well. Left4dead with them (since quite a few of them never tried before, 2 out oof 3 to be exact) and had ‘fun’. Lol. Well, just to socialise, get out from my room, go somewhere else.

If not, I won’t bother going to CC unless there’s clan matches, games with friends, 5v5, whatever, CoD, DotA, whatever. You get the point. Dah lah got internet at home and can play GArena or Stupid UCPlay, still want to go CC and play with lala-players? Period.

Well, undoubtedly lala players ARE good in it where they have forked out a lot of ‘tuition’ fees when they’re at it. Game mastery class I would say, lol. I saw my 2 friends that I knew back 2 years ago whilst working in Sky Online, and yeah one of them taught me how to play DotA. Like really, abc back then when I was first exposed to it while working there. I am really noob. NOOB. Yeah. Tak tau farm, tak tau deny. Tak tau apa.

Then I picked up, went uni, Jon made me improve. I was kind of proud that I was one of the top there besides him, KK and some other random dudes. Lol. Oh well that’s what you get when you always 1v1 with a ex-WCG player after class everyday.

Free tuition fees, yay. A lot of curses too.

Speaking of which, never in my life I cursed so much in front of my friends. But to that extend, I am pretty agitated. The pc pisses me off, the stupid permission thingy they disabled made me unable to do something in game (swap placing of an item), which is pretty trivial, but yeah I am in a mood to blame so wth. Lol.

Afterall, I expressed it the moment before I start typing this.


Playing with 2 friends that are completely newbies in DotA, 1 of my friend that plays AI only and RARELY play with people, you think?

The opponents aren’t that great too. They’re just decent. I know I can play better than them. Lol. Ok really, seasoned players can tell from the way they play.

Ahhhhh. Sigh. Lolz.

Oh well…

At least, I know, I no longer suck in this game, as last time.

At least I know I improved. I lost my dignity in my game, but wth.


So yeah rainbowbutt, if you’re reading this, drop me a msn message. LOL. If ellokawan reads this… lol… I can imagine what he will tell me.

In which, I missed the game that he and his friends are playing in GArena when I went out… sigh.

Nuu… T_T

Ok, this whole post is about gaming lol.

But… at least I went out of my room and house today. To some friends house. They too finally went out. Well for some with cars will go out la, definitely.

This is a small town afterall… haha.

I appreciate the fact that, being able to distinguish myself amidst of the people here, is a good thing already.

I’ll start speaking like that dude in Twilight, you low-life blablablayadayadayada.

Oh yeah Twilight is good. Lol. Screw those guys who say it’s for wussies or some sort. Like hell I care, I mean,  just watch it la, as if it’s gonna cut your balls off.

I think I better sleep. Ahah.

Err, normally people don’t blog about this… but… *shrug* I am more expressive in textform I guess. Not many have the ability to make me spill this much of <insert here>. Only… *counts* err 3… one not counted actually as we know each other since small… well even before we’re born (technically).

No mask, no walls, no holding back. Spill it all out. Ahhh.

It’s like releasing a tap of trapped, stagnant water after a period of 10 years. Yeah. You can imagine what kind of crap that comes out. Lol.

Ah yeah, Yiruma all the way. Nice songs. I love DDLs. Muahahahha.

I never knew I appreciate piano-composed songs that much. Hmmm.

I just love to type and type and type. I miss the days where I can finish half of my ink pen writing essays, in Malay, and English (English being the worst).

… and so… people don’t really change… I mean if they do, they think they do, but in fact, they change something, and the other parts of them are still intact. That makes them them, if you catch the drift. Lol. I mean people do change through time, moon rotates. Probably, they just know each other well… Haha.

Ah, I’m procrastinating again. Blah.

Guess I’ll have to enjoy my holidays while I’m at it, as… in UK… they are starting their first week already. (You got it right, no CNY hols).

Till next time, same channel, same writing style, same place,



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